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Autozone doesn't have the online repair guide yet for your car, BUT, for about $13.00 Autozone has a repair MANUAL for it with step by step pics ect. NO, I don't work for Autozone but they are very handy to have close by. LOL

It isn't very hard..but make sure that the car is completely cool before you do this, you'll save yourself from being burnt from antifreeze!

-remove the alternator

-you will loose antifreeze so either catch it or just refill it when your done

-remove the 2 hoses that are connected to the tensioner and unscrew all the bolts(there are only a few)

-i would suggest putting some grease on the new tensioner before you try and out it back on because it is hard to get in otherwise

-put the bolts back on and make sure they are tight

-put the alternator back on

-put the serpentine belt back on and ur good to go

when you are done make sure you replace the antifreeze and watch for any may leak a little bit from one area, it could be because there is an air bubble or its just flushing out any dirt(kinda like auto burpping)


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Q: How do you install a belt tensioner on a 1999 Pontiac Firebird 3.8L engine?
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