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I helped my 1990 Dodge Caravan through several northern Maine winters with the following: I purchased and engine heater that had a magnet attached to it with a handle. Plugs into 110 v drop cord. Just put it on the front of the engine, plug it and and close the hood. I would run the cord up through the bottom. On really windy cold nights, I would put a blanket on top of the engine with the magnet heater attached and close the hood.

These two together worked great. Magnet heater was about $30 and I could switch it from one vehicle to another. John P. Cook

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:59:52
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Q: How do you install a block heater in a 94 Dodge Grand Caravan with a transverse 3.3L V-6?
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