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If your bumper is not already off you will find 2 screws (front bumper) or 3 screws (rear bumper).. use a short Phillips screwdriver to get them out.. now find the bumper frame mounts,in the trunk there's one on each side a bit above the floor, they are set a bit wider than the deck lid. under the hood you will find two more exactly like them. on the passenger side you will need to remove the radiator overflow tank to get to the nut, just grab the small white jug and pull up, lay it to the side, you will need a long 12 mm wrench for this one.on the drivers side the nut is located just below the Power Steering pump...use a 12 mm socket on this one.. now slide under the car, in the back there are two nuts exactly the same as in the trunk, but they have plastic shields on them, just pull the shield to the side and remove the nuts. underneath the front you will find four bolts instead of 2 nuts. they are a bit lower than the ones under the hood, two on each side of the L bumper frame mount and two on each side of the R bumper frame mount. these are located just below the center of the headlights......unplug the turn signal bulbs...OK now you need to remove the skin...there are a bunch of plastic screws, loosen them all. Pry them out using a flat screwdriver, or just tear the old skin off, you need new ones to mount the new skin anyways....unfortunately these are only available @ your local Honda service center for $2 a piece, but it really is worth the xtra cash to have the correct part.... now put the new skin on and put the plastic mounts in....put the bumper back on the car and put all the nuts and bolts and screws where you got them from.... when hanging the front bumper back on the car be careful as you slide it in, if you don't hold the frontside higher then you'll have some nice scratches... good luck, it shouldn't take more than 20-25 minutes...

tip: if you don't have the frnt amber turn signals, or if they are damaged, don't bother replacing them....all 50 states require only one signal @ each corner of your vehicle...the front signals must be visible from the front and the sides. most Honda/Acura cars are equipped with this style corner lense. and, with two less components on the circuit the resistance is lower causing your signals to flash very quickly.....just think some people actually replace the signal relay to accomplish this........????????? does anyone have a diagram of the front bumper on a 1991 Honda accord i have a car that someone had started to replace the front bumper but i am not sure all parts are there i would appreciate it very much You can purchase a CHILTON or HAYNES maintenance manaul at any bookstore or auto parts store for around $15.00. They will show you how to remove and install the bumper.

The related link below has full diagrams and instructions.

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Q: How do you install a bumper on a 91 Honda Accord?
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