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How do you install a crankshaft in a 400 cu in Pontiac trans am engine?

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2007-06-25 12:29:18

Completely disassemble the engine, thoroughly clean the block

and all components. If the cylinders show signs of wear (ANY

measurable taper) bore the cylinders and replace the pistons.

Recondition the rods! If the crankshaft has been damaged ALL OF the

rods must be either replaced or reconditioned. Replace all of the

rod and main bearings. Inspect the camshaft and lifters for damage

or wear and replace if necessary. The prudent mechanic replaces ALL

even if only one shows signs of wear. Also, the prudent mechanic

always reconditions the head every time the engine is apart.

Reassemble the engine using new gaskets, oil pump and timing

chain/gear as necessary. Never plan on an engine teardown that will

only replace a single component, especially the crankshaft.

Typically an engine suffers a great amount of damage when a major

component, like the crankshaft, is damaged. If there is ANY

indication of heating outside of the normal range, you may have

slighly warped the block and you'll need to "align bore" it for the

new crankshaft. This is not a good place to plan on an inexpensive


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