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How do you install a double sink bathroom vanity where prior it was single?


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February 28, 2018 9:35AM

how to install a bathroom vanity

You bought a good bathroom vanity, the next step is to install the vanity set . How to install bathroom vanity? this is the focus of this article.

1, before installation, check the accessories are complete in the package.

2, triangular valve installation, make sure that the hot and cold water inlet pipe flush.

3, measure the distance, the plumbing installation. Apply glue evenly to ensure tight connection between the pipe and tube.

4, install cabinet corner to see all the angles are in the same level. You can make appropriate adjustments installed later.

5, Put the bathroom cabinets against the wall. Chek the water position is appropriate, inappropriate required to do some changes.

6, the installation of basin faucet. You can buy faucet together with bathroom cabinet to ensure the water angle is more appropriate.

7, Fit the basin fauce with nut. When fixing the fauet, use another hand to locate the faucet, so as not to deviate from the position after installed.

8, Put the basin (fixed the faucet) on the cabinet, adjust the position of the best so far.

9, connecting the inlet and outlet pipe and into the water basin, the length of the appropriate and reasonable position.

10, installed cabinet handles, and make appropriate changes.

11, Use silicon in the gap between basin and tile, in order to achieve the cabinet firmly to prevent leakage purposes.

12, Turn on faucet to see whether the right angle faucet, water and smoothly.

13, after tests done to clean the cabinet