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If you go to Granatelli Motor Sports.Com, click on Tech support they will give you a step by step way of replacing you fuel pump.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:25:45
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Q: How do you install a fuel pump and strainer on a 1991 Ford Mustang GT 5.0?
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What is the gear ratio for 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0?

I had a 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 L - LX - automatic , and it had 2.73 's

Will the transmission from a 2000 Ford Mustang fit a 1991 Ford Mustang?

hellz no, but who can stop the from trying?

1991 Ford relay starter?

I need how to wire relay for 1991 ford mustang.

Does a 1991 Ford Mustang gt have a timing belt?

No , the 5.0 liter High Output V8 engine in a 1991 Ford Mustang GT has a timing CHAIN

What the spark plug gap of a 5.0 mustang?

On my ( 1991 ) Ford Mustang 5.0 liter the spark plug gap was ( .054 inch ) What year of Ford Mustang ?

Where is the OBDII port located in a 1991 Ford Mustang 2.3L convertible?

The 1991 Ford Mustang does not have an OBDII port, because OBDII was not standardized in the United States until 1996.

Horsepower for 1991 5.0 liter Mustang?

In a 1991 Ford Mustang : The 5.0 liter V8 is rated at ( 225 horsepower from the factory )

How do you install headlight switch in 1991 Ford Ranger?

I need to know how to install a headlight swith in a 1991 ford ranger xlt

What is the fuel pressure on a 1991 Ford Mustang?


How much does a 1991 Ford Mustang cobra cost?

There is no such thing as a 1991 Mustang Cobra, SVT did not start producing the Cobra until 1993.

Where is a IAT sensor at on a 1991 mustang gt 5.0?

where is the intake air charge temp. sensor on a 1991 ford 5.0 coupe mustang

What oil does ford recommend for a 1990 mustang 5.0?

My ( 1991 ) 5.0 LX Ford Mustang always used 5W-30 as recommended

What weight oil goes in a 1989 Ford Mustang 5.0?

My ( 1991 ) Ford Mustang 5.0 LX came from the factory with ( 5W-30 )

1991 Ford topaz neutral switch install?

To install the 1991 Ford Topaz neutral switch, just follow the instructions on the user manual.

Where is the OBD1 connector for a Ford Mustang 1991?

behind the brake booster

Where can you buy a 1991 Ford Mustang 160mph speedometer?


Where can you find a Fuse box diagram for a 1991 Ford Mustang?


Did ford install 5 speed transmission in a 1965-66 mustang?


What type of engine oil should you use for a 1990 Ford Mustang 5.0?

My ( 1991 ) Ford Mustang 5.0 LX came from the factory with ( 5W-30 )

Does anyone have the fuse box diagram for a 1991 Ford Mustang Gt?

Go to:

How much horsepower does mustang 5.0 have?

My 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 liter LX was rated at 225 horsepower from the factory

What oil filter for 1991 Ford Mustang?

According to For a 1991 Ford Mustang : Both the 2.3 liter four cylinder and the 5.0 liter V8 use the ( Motorcraft FL-1-A ) engine oil filter

How much does a car windshield cost for a 2009 Ford mustang?

The average cost to replace the windshield for a 2009 Ford Mustang is about $150. This may not include the cost for someone to install it for you.

What is the Stock tires Size for a 1991 ford mustang Gt?


What size battery does a 1991 ford mustang take?

BCI group size ( 58 )