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Go to your local autoparts store and by the Chilton's Guide for your model and year Jeep. There are too many variables to answer this kind of question on a board like this. The guide will cost you around $20 and will have everything you need to know inside. This is not a complicated repair and you should be able to do it within a few hours if you have the parts you need in place.

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Q: How do you install a fuel pump and what tools are required?
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How do you install fuel pump on olds achieva 1997?

You buy tools and install it!

How much time does it take to remove and install a fuel pump on a 1996 Monte Carlo?

The fuel pump usually take about an hour and a half if you have the right tools.

Are there special tools required to change the fuel pump in a 99 montaro sport?

No, no special tools needed, just common hand tools.

Install new fuel pump in 2002 t-bird?

How do you get to the fuel pump

How do you install a fuel pump on a 1994 Chevrolet Impala SS?

You will have to remove the gas tank and install a fuel pump module.

How do you install a fuel pump on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

how to install a fuel pump on a 2000 jeep Cherokee 6 cylc

Can you bypass a fuel pump relay?

No You Will Not Be Able To Do This. The Relay Is Required To Make Your Electrical System Work For The Fuel Pump. The Relay Is A Switch Unto Its Self. It Shuts The On And Off As Required By The Fuel System. Even If You Were To Bypass It. The Pump Would Run All The Time. Suggest You Install A New Relay

How do you install fuel pump on 2002 Nissan maxima?

Remove fuel tank, replace pump from top of tank, re-install. Change the fuel filter while your at it!

How to remove fuel pump from 1992 ford escort wagon?

Removal Disconnect the battery ground cable . Remove the rear seat cushion. Disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector. Remove the four fuel pump cover screws and the ground strap. Remove the fuel pump cover. Remove the fuel tube clips from the fuel tubes. Disconnect the fuel tubes from the fuel pump. Use Fuel Tank Sender Wrench to carefully remove and, if necessary, discard the fuel pump locking retainer ring. Remove the fuel pump and discard the fuel pump mounting gasket. Installation Install a new fuel pump mounting gasket and position the fuel pump in the fuel tank. Install the fuel pump locking retainer ring. Connect the fuel tubes to the fuel pump. Install the fuel tube clips onto the fuel tubes. Position the fuel pump cover and ground strap and install the fuel pump cover screws. Connect the fuel pump electrical connector. Install the rear seat cushion. Connect the battery ground cable.

How do you install fuel pump on 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue?

You must remove the fuel tank in order to access the fuel pump.

How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1981 Trans Am?

You will need to remove the fuel pump wiring harness. Remove the fuel pump fuel lines. Remove the fuel pump retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new fuel pump.

Can you install a fuel pump by going through the trunk of a 95 Cadillac deville?

I've repalced a fuel pump in a 94 Cadillac STS and it required removal of the gas tank. The sending unit is on top of the tank.

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