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How do you install a handrail?

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June 24, 2009 7:41AM

for an ordinary straight handrail start by measuring up from the edge of the top tread 34 inches and make a mark. do the the same at the bottom tread and then connect the marks with a chalk line if wall is unfinished or if you are going to paint the wall after rail is installed. if its a finished wall then use a string tightly stretched between two nails. this line will be the bottom of the handrail. locate the exact centerline of studs at top and bottom and roughly at 32 inch spacing in between. locate studs using a stud locator [cheap at lowes or home depot] or tap wall gently with a hammer and you will hear a distinct solid sound when you are tapping directly over a stud. then use a very small finish nail to pierce the wall and locate the exact center of the stud. once you locate one centerline usually the rest will be 16 inches on center which will save you a lot of time. using a small level make a very faint vertical line at your centerline mark. then position your bracket by sighting across the top of the bracket to your string line and make pencil marks in the bracket screw holes. predrill screw holes or use 2 inch drywall screws to make predrilled holes. at this point you should have top and bottom and roughly 32 inch between bracket holes. make sure your top bracket is back beyond the leading edge of top tread by at least 6 inches and bottom bracket is the same beyond the edge of the tread. if no studs at these points use heavy duty wall anchors. measure your handrail about 4 inches beyond top and bottom brackets and install predrilling the holes into the bottom of the rail. if you want a slightly fancier look cut the handrail on a 22 and a half angle top and bottom and a piece to return to the wall cut on a 45 angle on the end to the wall and a 22 and a half angle on the end that meets the rail. use construction glue on the wall end and the end of the handrail[just a little. before cutting main rail or end pieces cut test pieces and position first so when you cut the final pieces you know what you,re doing. remember --measure two or three times and use test pieces first. it,s easy if you just take your time and enjoy what you,re doing. lots of luck! How to Measure for your Handrail or Railings These measurements enable us to determine the angle of your stair railing or your wall mount handrail. How to Measure Linear Feet

Pricing: by linear feet: The linear feet are found by determining how long the railing will be. The cap rail is the top section of the railing which is grasped by your hand as you climb or descend. The portion of the cap rail that curves down into the endings is not included in this measurement. IMPORTANT! For handrail, mounted to the wall on a staircase, we need to know on which side of the stairs the handrail is to be mounted when you are looking up the stairs. If stair rail is to be fastened to a wall as well as to the steps, we will need precise measurements.

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January 24, 2020 4:58AM

When you have just one railing on a staircase, the inside (stair-side) edge of the railing must be at least 31 1/2 inches away from the wall on the other side of the staircase. Measure this distance from the side of the handrail closest to the wall and extend the line to the wall.