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How do you install a headlight switch in the dash on a 91 Jeep Cherokee?

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Oh this one is a lot of fun.

Remove the ashtray in the lower dash valence and a screw that is hidden behind there. Remove the screws across the top of the lower dash valence. Remove the screws underneath at each end of the lower dash valence. Drop the valence down and you may be able to configure a mirror and light so that you can actually see the headlight switch mounted in the dash panel. What you would be looking for is a small springloaded button which is on the headlight switch. It is sometimes nearly impossible to find or reach. There is no way to describe this well in words. Best bet would be to visit a junkyard to see one first hand.

But the trick is that you have to push the button and pull the light switch stem out of the switch assembly from the front. Once you remove the stem, you will notice that the cap that remains in the panel is slotted for using a scredriver to release the switch from the panel mounting.

It will push out backward and you can then pull the electrical connectors.

There is a consideration for the model year. Not all years of the switches are the same. Either get an exactly 1991 switch from a junkyard or check with a dealership manual to get the range of model years that use the same switch as your 1991. Not only are electrical connections different from year to year but the way the circuit works for the dimmer is different among other things. If your 1991 has a factory alarm system, then you need to consider that too when replacing the switch. Alarm model switches may be different from standard switches.

This is about a 1 hour job for an average mechanic IF you can pretty quickly find that secret button to release the headlight switch stem.

2015-07-15 21:00:00
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Q: How do you install a headlight switch in the dash on a 91 Jeep Cherokee?
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The 1996 Jeep Cherokee headlight relay switch can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The headlight relay switch will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

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The piece that a headlight assembly snaps into on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is called a headlight collar. It is also called a headlight assembly.

Where is the fuse to your headlights for your 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Most headlights are not fused they are wired direct thru the headlight switch... Is your switch bad??

Where is the circuit breaker for the headlights located on a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

The circuit breaker for the headlights of a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo is built into the headlight switch. If the circuit is overloaded it will act the same as if it had a short in it.

Headlamp will not turn on it is a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

Use a wire tester and check everything from the light switch to the headlight assembly. If there's no voltage at te headlight switch, then trace it all the way to the battery.

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Headlights are not fused. If they lights are coming on try the headlamp relay or the the headlamp switch.

How do you reset the gasoline kill switch in a 2002 jeep grand Cherokee?

A 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have a kill switch.

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How do replace a headlight switch on a 2000 jeep Cherokee does the metal rod on the knob just pop into the switch?

On my 96 Cherokee Country there is a button on the underside of the switch that releases the knob and shaft and the shaft just pushes back in until it catches.

Where is a neutral safety switch located on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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Why won't the dash lights tail lights work after the installation of a headlight switch on a 1990 Jeep Cherokee?

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Where is the kill switch on a Jeep Cherokee?

It doesn't have a "kill" switch.

How do you install a body lift on a Jeep Cherokee?

Jeep Cherokee's are unibody. You cannot install a body lift.

Where is the fuel pump inertia switch on an 88 Jeep Cherokee?

A 1988 Jeep Cherokee does not have an inertia switch. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

Where is the flasher relay on a Jeep Cherokee?

Your flasher relay should be located behind the steering column cover to the left center side (below the headlight switch.

How do you change ignition switch on Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

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What is the correct headlight Bulb for a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?

This is probably a 9004 halogen bulb but to be sure just go to your local parts store and tell them that you need a new headlight bulb for a 1998 Jeep Cherokee.

Where is the dashboard dimmer switch located on the 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

The headlight switch to the left of the steering wheel on the front of the dash acts as the dimmer. You spin the switch right or left depending on the intensity of the light you prefer.

Inertia switch on 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

Jeep does not use inertia switches.

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