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How do you install a heater core on a 1994 Chevy astro 4.3 liter van?


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How do you change a heater core in 1994 chevy astro van?


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Remove the belt from your 1994 Chevy Astro Van 4.3 liter engine alternator. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the alternator. Remove the alternator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new alternator.

It is a 4.3 Liter V6 so it has 6 cylinders.

how do you change the heater hoses on 1993 chey lumina 3.8 liter

The 4.3 liter Chevy Astro head gasket torque specification is 160 pounds. The head gasket bolts should be torqued in 40 pound intervals.

It only came from factory with a 4.3 liter v-6

From the 1985-1990 model year the 2.5 liter Iron Duke 4 Cylinder was used in the Astro as the base model. These were the same engines used from 1985-1993 in the Chevy S10.

No, They use a 4.3 liter V6 engine. ~Doug No, They use a 4.3 liter V6 engine. ~Doug

2.2 Liter 4 cylinder, 2.8 Liter V6, 4.3 Liter V6 are factory engines. You can even install a Chevy 350 V8 with the proper conversion kit.

Bank 1 would be the drivers side of the engine on your Chevrolet 4.3 liter

2.5 Liter 4 cylinder is 1-3-4-2 4.3 Liter V6 is 1-6-5-4-3-2

Chevrolet Astro Van 2WD4.3 liter V-6

You will need to drain the anti-freeze from your 1995 Mazda 626 cooling system. Remove the water lines from the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

you need to take apart the lower dash on the passenger side. This is not a fun job.

It is located in the fuel tank. Unless there is an access panel in the trunk or under the rear seat, the tank must be removed in order to install the pump.

Pull the dash completely out, because it is directly behind the middle of the dash.

The Chevy 5.7 liter is 350 cubic inches

Horrible...thats's what it is. It needs about 18 - 22 Liter per 100km. Mine is an awd cargo. If you are looking for fuel efficiency...look at other vehicles.

Remove the dash, its located under the glove box. Becarefull it will puke out antifreeze!

The entire dash assembly needs to be removed to gain access to the heater core. I would recomend purchasing a shop manual for that vehicle if you decide to do the job yourself.

How much does a Chevy Malibu 3.1 liter V6 weigh?

What grade of oil is best in your 5.3 liter Chevy engine?"

the 5.7 liter Chevy engine is a 350 cubic inch

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