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Hi: If you are asking - can you replace an automatic trans for a manual trans...... My very excellent local auto repair shop owner, assures me that one cannot do this. Perhaps someone with a full auto workshop, and the ability to weld and make components that are needed to add the clutch pedal and the manual shifter to the existing chassis, might be able to do this, but there doesn't seem to be a way to just swap transmissions. It's probably cheaper to sellthe one you have and go buy a standard trans Geo. If you just want to replace the manual trans for another manual trans... get the manual from Amazon: For example for Canada: I may be replacing my own 97 auto trannie shortly - the old one died at 107,000 km with a rather loud "Bang!" I'll try to add any useful comments about this later. By the way, we love this great little car! Phil.

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Will a 93 Geo Metro transmission fit in a 95 Geo Metro?

Can you swap a 93 Geo metro manual transmition with a 95 Geo Metro

How do you check the transmission fluid level on a 1992 Geo Metro with manual transmission?

fill to the plug hole on side of transmission

What type of oil goes into a manual transmission of a 1996 geo metro?

5w 30 or 10w30

What is the weight of a transaxle from a Geo Metro?

The engine and transmission of a manual 3 cylinder weighs 135lbs.

Is a automatic transmission from a 95 Geo Metro interchangeable with a 98 Geo Metro?

Yes it is. Any Metro transmission made after the year 1994 will fit in your 98 Metro.

What kind of transmission fluid does Geo Metro take?

Owners manual recommends Dexron II ATF

Would a 1995 Geo Metro Transmission work in a 1996 Geo Metro?


How do you install rear brakes on a Geo Metro?

how can I remove adrum brake from geo metro 1992

Where is the transmission control module 1995 Geo Metro?

it is in the transmission

What type fluid is used for a 1991 geo metro 5 speed manual transmission?

Just go to autoparts and ask them.They have gear oil for manual transmissions

Can you swap a transmission from a Geo Metro in to a suzuki esteem?

No. The Metro trans is too small.

Why is the shifter stuck on 1995 Geo Metro?

automatic or manual?

Can I replace a 5-speed 1991 1.0L Geo Metro's transmission with a 5-speed manual transmission from a 1995 1.0L Geo Metro?

Yes, you most certainly can. Just don't try it with a transmission from a 1.3L - you'll be missing the shifter brace!

Will a 1997 Geo Metro Automatic Transmission work in a 1996 Geo Metro without changes?

if the engines that they came off of are the same it should work

What type of transmission fluid does a 1991 Geo Metro use?

There are two types of transmission fluid used by this car. For a manual transmission us 75W90 GL5 gear oil, and for an automatic use DEXRON-III.

1995 Geo Metro engine oil capasity?

look in manual

Diagram of a transmission 1996 Geo Metro?

transmission goes into gear but wont hardly move

Does a 1997 Geo Metro have a modulator valve?

Are you referring to the transmission? If so, the answer is no.

Where is the Geo Metro transmission filter?

If you are talking about an automatic transmission, it is under the removable pan at the bottom of the trans. Drain the oil and remove the pan, you'll see. Mr Geo Metro

Can you put a 1994 geo metro engine in a 1992 geo metro?

Yes you can. All Geo Metro engines are compatible from 1989 - 1997. Just make sure that they both have the same transmission or you'll have to do a lengthy and expensive conversion.

Where can you get a fuse diagram for a 1992 Geo Metro?

You can get a fuse diagram for a 1992 Geo Metro in the car's owner's manual. You can also check with different auto stores.

What is the computer number for a 1995 geo metro?

hi.. I have a geo metro 1.0 1995 my engine computer is: 3392050G20 FED M.T (manual trans) anyway u can check out in victor.

Is the fuel pump on a carburetter 1994 geo metro manual or electric?

It is electric.

What year manual transmissions fit a 95 Geo Metro?


How do you replace the Clutch bearing in a 92 Geo Metro?

Unfortunately, you have to remove the transmission.