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first unplug the unit. the console has to be tilted you most remove two screw to do this one is on the far right the other is on the far left. note the new models under about six years old the screw are on the back of the console. after tilting the console you need to remove to large clips far left and right they're a goldish color use a regular screw driver to pry these out they release at the front of the clip use caution this is the hardest part of the job as a newbie. now unplug the quick disconnect on the cabinet locate under the console right hand side. now the cabinet is ready to be removed lift up and forward set cabinet out of your way. now locate the pump to hose going to it in the middle of the washer at bottom. remove the two clips no need to remove hose will make water mess pull pump forward and off push to the side out of your way. now two clips on the motor needs removed they're is two screws one on each clip they will be removed 1/4 or 5/16 then remove the clips the motor it will basicly fall off pull it out so you can see the other end of the motor that is where your coupling is located. remove it off the motor and the other side of the coupling off the transmission install new coupling reverse your steps your done thanks Joe Lecompte im me at frenchokie

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Q: How do you install a motor coupling on a Whirlpool washing machine and what are tips that would make this task easier?
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