How do you install a new CD player after removing the factory radio on a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse?

If you alrady removed the factory radio then every thing is a pice of cake you already got the hard work out the way. You go out and buy your self a installation kit for you car, try going to Best Buy they should have for sure, any other stero installation place should sell it to you(any where you go they are pricy around $25 or more, what ever you do don't go to walmart). While you are there also buy the factory to after-market wiring harness it makes things a hole lot easer. Done this plenty of times it is easy for people that love to take apart things. One more peice of advice if you want your new stero to work better try running a 10 gauge wire dirtly from your battery to your power wire on you stero(install a 15amp fuse on the battery end) This helps your stero keep a stable power connection and hear little less distortion when you turn it all the way up. Belive it helps mostly if you are tring to get the rateings the stero says it can do. Factory cables are just to thin for the after-market steros, any body that has installed stero should no this, if not they realy don't care about the quality the do.