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Connect the wiring harness on the back of your new radio. Slide the radio into the radio slot. Tighten down the radio retaining screws.

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Will a 1977 Chevy c10 grille fit on a 1972 Chevy c10?


What is ac delco spark plug gauge on 1976 350 v8 Chevy c10?


Is the fuel pump on 84 Chevy c10 the same as 86 Chevy c10?


Do 1972 Chevy C10 doors fit on 1973 Chevy C10?

No, completely different body style.

Who has a 1972 Chevy c10 Carb Wiring Diagram?

You have wires going to the carb on a 72 Chevy c10?

Will a 1994 Chevy C10 grille fit on a 1988 Chevy C10?

Yes it should bolt right in

What is the difference between a Chevy C10 and a Chevy K10?

A c10 is 2 wheel drive and the k10s are 4 wheel drive.

Where does the second yellow wire go from the radio fuse on a 1986 Chevy C10 one goes to radio?

The 2nd yellow wire goes to power, (usually a thicker red wire)

Is a 86 Chevy c10 carborated?

yes it is

Chevy 1976 350 firing order c10 pick up truck?

1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2

How much horsepower is in 1976 c10 454?

1976 c10s did not come with 454s

Did the 1969 Chevy C10 come out with a stock 327 engine?

The last year for the 327 in a C10 was 1968.

What is the timing specs for a 1963 Chevy c10 v6?

Chevy didn't have a V6 in their C10 in 63 but the GMC did in which case it would be timed at 5 degrees BTDC.

Can you put a 95 Chevy 1500 transmission in a 85 Chevy c10?

no you can't do it.

Will a 1986 Chevy c20 350 fit into a 1967 Chevy c10?


Will Chevy 1986 C10 body parts fit a 1986 Chevy s10?


Where can one buy a Chevy C10?

One is able to buy a Chevy C10 at several different retail locations along with online websites such as the following: Craiglists, a Chevy dealer, and at Auto Trader.

Curb weight 1982 Chevy c10?


Chevy c10 ignition?

Specificity is next to answeriness.

How much does a 85 Chevy c10 weigh?


What is the fuel tank capacity of 1984 Chevy C10?

16 or 20 gallon tanks were available on the 1984 c10

What model Chevy truck in 1983 weighs less than a 1983 Chevy C10?

The Chevy Luv

Where are VIN locations on a 1976 Chevy Scottsdale C10 besides door frame and glovebox?

On the driver side top of dash to the left towards the bottom of the windshield NEUTZ

Did they ever make a 67 Chevy C10 hot wheels?

The '67 C10 from Hot Wheels was released September 2013.

How and where can you install a new CD-Radio in a 1978 Chevy C10?

You use the old radio lot but you have to dremmel or rotozip the slot so that the radio fits in there. otherwise if you want to keep it all original, install the original radio, put new speakers in , an amp, a subwoofer, and an Ipod, get a FM transmitter and no one will even know you have a state of the art sound system in there. Ipods are waaaay better than CD players, No CD's to lug around, no need for a 100 disc changer, technology is a wonderful thing.