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if all you want to do is change the tensioner pulley, do the following: with a 15mm wrencon on the bolt in the centre of the tensioner pulley, pull it toward the front of the car to relaese the rension holding the tension ooff with the wrench, remove the belt turn the same bolt counter clock wise to unscrew it and you can take the pulley off A new pulley can be put on, the bolt put back in and the belt repalced; you take the tension off the tensioner by again pulling it forward with the wrench If you want to change the entire tensioner assembly: remove the belt take off the alternator bolts (after you disconnect the battery) and move the alternator out of the way this will expose the tensioner assemebly and you can simply take off the nut with a 15mm open end wrench pull out the old tensioner, put the new on one, put the nut back on, re-install the alternator and putthe belt back on If you are reasonably handy, the whole procedure might take an hour

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Q: How do you install a new tension pulley on a 1992 Plymouth Voyager 3.3 liter?
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Can you bypass the tension pulley on 3.3 engine for 1991 Plymouth voyager?

No I don't think so.

Can someone please tell you where you can go on the internet for a schematic of how to install a tension belt for a 1993 Plymouth voyager that is free?


How do you tighten a tensioner pulley in a 1998 Plymouth grand voyager?

There is no adjustment. If it does not provide the correct tension it needs to be replaced. It is cheap and easy to do yourself from underneath.

What tool is needed to relieve tension on the serpentine belt of a 1992 Plymouth voyager 3.3 v6?

You need a 1/2" ratchet or a Johnson bar. The idler pulley has a square 1/2" hole that the square on the ratchet will fit in and allow you to turn the pulley and relieve the tension.

How do you take off the ac belt on a 1997 Plymouth voyager?

You should see a bolt just above the top pulley on the AC belt. Turn that bolt and the pulley will move. Of course, you want to see it moving down in order to relieve the tension. Then you can remove the belt.

I replaced the ac compressor on my 1994 Plymouth grand voyager with a bypass pulley and the belt squeals do you have any ideas why?

Most likely the new pulley is not in line with the rest.

How do you release the tension to install the serpentine belt on a suzuki aerio?

15 mm wrench Put it on the tension pulley and pull to take tension off belt

Dodge Caravan 2000: The v-belt is out of alignment - seems like the tensioner is not lined up with the other pulleys - How can this be fixed?

I had this problem in my 92 Plymouth Voyager. You need to replace the tension pulley. They get old and become out of alignment.

How do you change the tension pulley and serpentine belt on a 1994 Lincoln mark viii?

I used a breaker bar for the tension pulley to relieve the tension to remove the belt, I think there are three bolts that hold the tension pulley on, just remove them and reverse the procedure to install. Follow the diagram that is either on the inside of the hood or on the radiator cover on how to thread the belt back on the pulleys.

Need to replace the serpentine belt on a 93 Plymouth grand voyager with ac but want to bypass the ac compressor is it possible if so can you show how?

You will need to buy and install an ac bypass pulley from Napa or other parts store to bypass the ac compressor.You will need to buy and install an ac bypass pulley from Napa or other parts store to bypass the ac compressor.

How do you install a Serpentine belt for 2007 Ford Taurus 3.0?

Release the tension on the belt using the tension pulley. Install new belt. I have a diagram for a 2002 will sent it and more detailed info if you email me at

How do you adjust tension pulley 2000 dodge Dakota?

You don't. The pulley is pretensioned by the manufacturer. If the belt tension is incorrect, the pulley must be replaced.

What are the different features of a single fixed pulley a single movable pulley and a multiple pulley system?

The tension of a rope in a single fixed pulley = WThe tension of a rope in a single movable pulley = W/2The tension of a rope in a multiple pulley system = W/ number of pulleys if they are in series.

How do you loosen the tension pulley to remove serpe how do you loosen tension pulley to chng pw?

put it on the tension srewand push back towards muffler

How do you replace a tension pulley on a dodge truck?

The tension pulley should have a bolt that holds it on, allowing you to replace the unit.

WHAT PULLEY DO I loosen to get single drive belt on?

If you are referring to the Serpentine belt, you loosen no pulley. You simply remove tension from the belt. The tension is applied by the Idler Pulley. Pry the idler back and remove the belt.If you are referring to the Serpentine belt, you loosen no pulley. You simply remove tension from the belt. The tension is applied by the Idler Pulley. Pry the idler back and remove the belt.

How do you replace the tensioner assembly on a 1996 Plymouth voyager mini van?

The pulley can easily be removed from the tensioner by loosening the bolt in the center. (the same one you use to loosen the tension to put the belt on. put a socket wrench on the bolt (mine is 15mm) and loosen. once the bolt is removed the pulley will come right off. tighten the bolt with the new pulley in place until the bolt pulls against the spring loaded tensioner. turning the bolt tighter will also loosen the tension to replace the belt. I found that threading the belt in place over the tensioner pulley first and then releasing the tension while I slide the belt onto the alternator pulley worked better because the wrench was in the way if I try to put the belt on the tension pulley last. good luck getting it loose enough to get the belt on. two people would make the job a lot easier.

What is a tension pulley on a Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 L Engine?

tension pulley is an automatic tensioner that keeps the serpentine belt at the proper tension it is a single pulley that is smooth (no grooves) usually turning clockwise with constant pressure loosens pulley for belt removal use caution pulley is spring loaded

Which pulley exactly is the tension pulley?

It will be one of the smooth ones with no ribs.

1997 Plymouth Voyager heater fan screams like a banshee whenever you accelerate and is worse when the air conditioning is on?

bad tensioner, replace the belt tensioner/pulley. I had the same problem.

Looking for ways and tips to easily replace water pump on a 1997 Plymouth grand voyager having trouble getting started and what about belt and pulley thanks?

this link ^ should help you out

Where is the AC tension pulley for a 2000 Chevy Metro?

you dont adjust a tension pulley you adjust the position of the compressor to tighten the belt

What does a tension pulley looks like?

what the devil is a tension pulley? there is a website where you can research this it's or you can go on google images and search it.

How do you reduce the tension on the pulley to install the alternator belt on a 1989 Beretta?

There is either a square hole in the tensioner for a breaker bar or a hex protruding from it that you can place a wrench on. Just pry against the spring tension.

How can you replace the tension pulley on a 1997 Nissan Maxima?

Loosen 13mm nut that secures tension pulley. Then loosen 13mm nut/bolt just above tensioner assembly facing upwards, to remove tension from belt. Then finally remove the three 10mm bolts holding tensioner assembly to engine block. Install in reverse order.