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Some people are naturals at figuring out what wire does what. I on the other hand am not. I had to install a single din radio in my 89 Dakota so I bought a wiring kit. Found at your local auto parts store. It came with the 2 plugs that are required for the double din radios that are original equipment. There is a diagram that comes with these that tells you what color wire is for what and if you can set down with the radio out of the dash somewhere that you can see everything and use solder and heat shrink to attach the new plugs then you can just plug it up to the original equipment plugs in the truck. If there has all ready been a different radio installed and the plugs are not there then I would suggest finding a friend that has done the cut and splice before.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-28 02:13:50
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Q: How do you install a radio into a 89' Dodge Dakota?
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