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It is a pretty big job. I suggest taking it to an auto trim shop

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Q: How do you install a rear side window in a 1989 Chevy Corsica?
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How much does a 1989 Chevy Corsica weigh?

A 1989 Chevy Corsica 2.0 sedan weights about 2595 pounds. The 1989 Chevy Corsica 2.0 automatic sedan weight 2623 pounds.

Where is the over drive solenoid on a 1989 Chevy Corsica?

where is the over drive solenoid located on a 1989 Chevy Corsica

How do you replace the alternator on a 1989 Chevy Corsica?

Begin by removing the alternator belt on your 1989 Chevy Corsica. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the alternator. Remove the alternator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new alternator.

Were to find the idle on 1989 Chevy Corsica?

cuantas millas por galon hace un chevi corsica 1989?

How do you tune a 1989 Chevrolet Corsica carburetor?

As far as I know there is no carburetor in an 89 Chevy corsica.

How do you get the window crankoff 1989 Chevy Corsica?

get a glue gun, glue it to your face and attach that to the windoow you want, then exert an outward ressure and voila. all yours!

What is the speaker size for a 1989 Chevy Corsica?

The Corsica is 4 x 6 in the front and 6 x 9 in the rear

What is the firing order for a 1989 Chevy Corsica 2.8L?

The firing order is 1,2,3,4,5,6.

How do you install a steering column on a 1989 Chevy Corsica?

This is not an easy task. Get a factory shop manual from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM . It is about the only book with steering column information like what you need.

What is normal operating temp on 1989 Chevy Corsica?

between 185 and 210 degrees.

How do you install ignition switch on 1989 Chevy G 10 van?

how do you install new ignition switch on 1989 chevy G10 van?

How do you bypass a governor on a 1989 Chevy Corsica?

It does not have a governor. It may have a rev limiter which is comouter controlled.

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