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Installing "replacement" subwoofers can be very costly, Factory Cadillac subwoofers are indeed very tricky. You must first purchace the proper sub, then install it as you would any other subwoofer. Your best bet would be to install an aftermarket sub and amp due to the costly BOSE system. If you choose this route you may also need to purchace a RCA adapter, and a factory amplifier bypass harness.

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Q: How do you install a replacement rear sub woofer in a Cadillac DeVille?
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I have a 2000 DHS, and it has a stock Bose system and it sounds amazing!

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What size speakers are in a 2000 Cadillac deville?

The Cadillac Deville 2000-2005 contains (4) 5 1/4" door speakers, (2) 1" front tweeters in the A-pillars and a 2 1/2" center front speaker located in dash. The rear dash panel has a 10" woofer. All have a factory amplifier. Beware, the door speakers may be difficult to replace with aftermarket ones b/c of the odd factory hole locations. I am the owner of a 2002 Deville, however I have opted for modification and have (4) 6 1/2" component sets, (4) tweeters, (4) 12" RE audio subs and 4 amps in total, all supported by jvc 7" lcd and a killer crossover/equalizer. Keep in mind, doing this required door mods, trunk mods, Dynamat and (2) Optima yellow tops, what I'm getting at is this wasn't cheap and it is an addiction....but it sounds great.

The W7 has a very unique low frequency bass that is hard to replicate. The JVC woofer is a great woofer for this sale price and performs very well.?

The W7 has a very unique low frequency bass that is hard to replicate. The JVC woofer is a great woofer for this sale price and performs very well.

How do you go about wiring an aftermarket sound system in a 1994 cadillac deville considering the stock amplifier?

first don't remove your stock stereo if u havn"t already. The radio works with the carscomputer to reset codes and other stuff. you can get an adapter that turns your speaker wire on the back of the radio into left and right channel to hook up to an aftermarket amplifier. then hook up your new speakers and sub woofer to the amp and use the stock radio to get your grove on. or install an after market radio in the glove box or middle console but don't remove the stock radio. get rid of the stock amp not powerful enough.

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