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there should be a belt route diagram on the front of the car when you open your hood right where it gives the firing order,a/c, and other engine specs at. if not haynes manuals from autozone will have the diagram. all cars have the diagram under the hood , but its just a sticker so sometimes they fall off or become unreadable over the years.but it should be on the piece of metal right in front of your radiator.there will be a tention arm with a pully on it you will have to hold up while installing the new belt.some tentioners have a 1/2 inch square to put a 1/2 inch drive breaker bar in to pull the arm up.i just pry mine up with my tire tool.

2008-11-17 18:15:47
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If memory serves me right, I believe it is the 16 mm bolt that you grab with a socket and a long breaker bar.

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A turbocharger would be more practical and easier to install.

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Remove serpentine belt. Remove pulley. Install new pulley. Install serpentine belt.

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In my 1995 4.6 Thunderbird, there is a plate on the LHS wheel-well plate (in the motor compartement, near the chasis number), indication the routing of the "drive belt"; I can make a photo if you like. Hans Westerling

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There are 4 two before the cats and two after. Trust me I own a 94 ford thunderbird 4.6 v8

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corral .net

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