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How do you install a tach on an '82 Chevrolet 305?

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Its EASY! just connect the (usually green) wire to the negative post on the coil. Hook up the power wires and the illumination wire and ground for the tach wire and ur done its easy!

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1982 Chevy Caprice 305 engine horsepower?

I have an 82' impala wagon and the factory 305 4bbl that is in it is rated at 145hp.

What can you do to beef up a 82 camaro w a 305?

Replace it with a 350

What is the proper timing for a Chevy 305 ho out of an 82 Camaro?

6 deg BTDC

How many wires are connected to the knock sensor in a 82 Chevy k10 305?

1 wire.

Can the pulley system froma 94 Chevy 305 fit onto a 82 Chevy 350?


What is the gas mileage on a 305 Chevy motor?

I going for gas mileage on my 82 Chevy pickup. Should I rebuild the stock 305 or a 350ci. Remember looking for the best mileage.

How much torque does the engine in the 2013 Chevrolet Spark have?

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark's engine produces 82 ft-lbs. @ 4200 rpm.

What was the horsepower rating for a Chevy 305 V8 SS 82' El Camino?

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Can I install any hood on my 1991 camaro?

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How much horsepower does an 82 Chevy El Camino SS has?

The original equipment 305 cubic inch (5.0Liter) was factory rated at 150 horsepower

Can you install any year Camaro hood on your 92 iroc?

Only 82-92 camaro hood.

What is the horsepower of a high output 305?

In the Camaro (1983 - 86) the H.O. 305 was rated at 190 hp In the Monte Carlo SS (1983 - 1988) the H.O. 305 was rated at 180 hp Differences between the high outout model and the regular 305 included: 9.5:1 compression, cylinder heads from the Crossfire Injection motor, an aluminum dual-plane intake manifold and a cam from the L-82 Corvette.

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of Chevrolet vega wagon automatic 1972?

The power of the engine and the maximum speed of the 1972 Chevrolet Vega Wagon Automatic are 110 hp (82 kW) and 90 mph respectively.

How do you wire a Chevy 305 in a 82 cutlass v6?

distributor wire to the distributor red and brown to the starter alternator hook up is the same on the v 6 and the 305 all located on left side of wiring harness coming out the fire wall and you will have to have a vacum advane distributor to bypass computer

Is it possible to install a steering column from a 1999 Chevy truck in an '82 Chevy truck?

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Why does your 82 Chevrolet 2wd c10 starter grind brutally when its a new starter?

The starter may require shims to correct that. The ring gear and or the flywheel may be damaged also.

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