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Replacement depends upon whether the belt has broken or slipped, or if it is due for replacement due to mileage. If it has broken/slipped, then valves and pistons may be damaged; the engine will need to be retimed with a new belt and checked for compression. The belt change process involves removing the alternator/Air conditioning belts, the valve cover, and the crankshaft pulley. Once these are removed, the timing belt cover can be removed, and the timing marks set. once the timing marks are properly positioned, the old belt can be removed and replaced with a new one. NEVER EVER reuse a timing belt!!!! They're too inexpensive to justify the cost of a repair because you wanted to save ten or twenty bucks. Reusing a belt can cost you the entire engine. To get the proper directions on this repair, you might try buying a repair manual for the car; costs about $15.00; the cost and time savings is phenominal, and you don't have to rely on bad advice/descriptions, whatever.

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Q: How do you install a timing belt on a 1989 Honda Civic?
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