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How do you install administrator privileges?

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I need administor priviledges to install my printer

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You can install software only if you have what privileges?


What is administrator privileges when trying to install a download?

AnswerAdministrator privileges allows the user full access to a program or network second only to the system account. If you don't have administrator privileges, you cannot do certain things You may be able use a program, but not upgrade it. If you are installing a file or program and you don't have administrator privileges, you may not be able to install the program or file. If you don't have administrator privilege, you may not be able to change computer or network defaults.To get privileges if your running vistastart menu\click on your display picture top right\turn on or off user account\tick the UAC box

How can you update ad aware SE to 2011 ad aware definition file as a normal user and not as an administrator?

To update or install most programs you have to do it as administrator. You can use the Run As to install with an account that has privileges.

What type of user account must you be using to install a hardware device that is using drivers that are not digitally signed by Microsoft?

Administrator or an account with administrative privileges.

How do you download PowerPoint 07 without being an administrator?

Anyone can download a free PointPoint Viewer; in order to install programs, you usually need administrative privileges on the system you are using, or the ability to install programs.

How do you put a password on your computer?

You have to have "Administrator" privileges to do that, and if you have Administrator privileges, you should be knowledgeable enough so that you should not have to ask the question.' (Under Windows OS it is in the Administration toolset)

What is difference between user privileges and permission?

User privileges gives the administrator power to control what the user can & can not do. Permission however, is like user privileges except that when people want to do something and they are not administrator, they ask for permission to that specific thing!

What is the difference between root in unix and administrator in Windows?

They are both administrator accounts and have privileges to do anything on the system.

What are the different level of privileges for a terminal?

administrator, & just a guest

How do you download without administrator privileges on vista?

Certain things can be downloaded.

I am trying to install sims 2 apartmet life but whenever it gets to a certain point of the installation it says you do not have administrator privileges to install this game How do i make it work?

If there is another account on the computer that means that your side has been blocked because your account on the computer is limited, It will only let you do certain things. You need to talk to the person who is the administrator on the computer to install it for you. (If it is a school or library computer they will not allow you no matter what you do)

Why is it necessary to log in as an administrator?

1. As an administrator you have all privileges. 2. It reduces common errors on lots of software ( compatibillity issues :) )

Why wont Warcraft 3 work?

You have to make sure you are running it with administrator privileges.

You can install software only if you have privileges?


Which account has unlimited access and unrestricted privileges to every aspect of Windows XP?


Do you need admin privileges to install mabinogi?


Cannot install Maplestory says The Administrator has set policies to prevent the installation How do you fix it?

That means the Administrator on the computer you are trying to install Maplestory has blocked the user you are using to install software on the computer. We cannot tell you how to bypass computer restrictions. The best way is to ask polite the Administrator to install the software or to give you permission to install the software.

Who should have full privileges to the web servers audit log files?

The web server administrator

Who should have full privileges to the wb servers audit log files?

web server administrator

Can an administrator on mac make it so a parental controlled acc can install things?

Yes. The administrator can turn the parental controlled account into an administrator account. Then the administrator can go into the account and install something into the account. Then the administrator can go back into the administrators account and turn the account back into a parental controlled account.

Create a user account with Limited privileges Log on using this account Can you view the contents of the My Documents folder for an account with Administrator privileges?

no you cannot access my document folder

When you try to play halo ce online it says needs adminastrator privelges why is this?

On most computers, you have to have administrator privileges on your computer. You can log onto an administrator to change these settings.

How do you get administrator privileges on a standard account on Windows 7?

You can get admin privilegies only by logging into the administrator account on Windows, then changing the normal user to administrator. Go to the control panel and user accounts. You shall find your way there.

How do you delete history from the school computer if it does not allow me to?

You can't do this without obtaining Administrator privileges. Talk to your IT or IS people.

Who establishes new permission or privileges for current users?

The administrator of the system will establish new rights for users.