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buy the adapter harness at the stereo shop and the shrowd it will make your life much easier then just match up the wires and plug it in

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Q: How do you install an aftermarket CD player into a 2001 Dodge Stratus RT?
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You have to use a special tool to press it in. Mine just popped out last night. The original factory ball joints are junk. Aftermarket are much better quality.

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first you have to pop the cover off that's around the radio and then remove the 2 screwes that holds the radio. second unplug the wire connector from the radio. you also need a stereo connector for your aftermarket CD player to connect to the existing wire connector. once you have installed the connector to your CD player you need a installation kit for a 2000 dodge stratus to put your CD player in and bolt it to the existing holes your radio came from. plug your connectors and antenna wire together and reinstall your 2 screwes and pop your cover back on and you are done.

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When you but a new computer, you will also get a manual on how to install t. However, it is always a good idea to seek help from a qualified expert.

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