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How do you install an autometer tachometer on a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and is it possible to connect through the coil-ignitor wires?

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  • If you don't have a distributor on your car, you will need to get a tach adapter for your car. So that you can get an rpm signal from your car to the tachometer.
  • Hey dude, here's how to connect the green wire from your tachometer: Tach output is obtained from PCM (powertrain control module) which is a 104 wire connector, and is located behind the passenger side kick panel. Look for pin number 48, which is usually an orange wire with a white stripe.(4.6L is = 4 ppr)
  • Your best bet is to check out the autometer's web site which provides most all the information you might need. If you can't find the info email autometer tech support.
  • Go to test connector inside the fusebox under the hood, it is a t-shaped plug. Tach is the terminal on the top left of the T. The wire under the terminal is white or white/red.

2009-11-17 18:10:53
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