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I've got a 1997 Sierra GMC 1500. Take the 2 screws out of the handle that you use to close the door with. Don't try to take the handle off because there is a hidden screw that needs to be removed from the inside of the panel. I tried to remove it and broke the inner screw anchor. Then remove the trim piece around the handle. There are four little lock clips at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. Consider them to be in a circle. They have locking barbs that lock toward the inside of the circle. Take a flat screwdriver and pry towards the outside of this circle. The 3:00 on the left door and the 9;00 on the right door can't be pried but come out once you have the other three loose. The little corner trim on the upper inside of the door has one nylon pin like the door panel itself that you can pop out with a flat screwdriver or whatever. It resists force so give it a little. Around the periphery of the panel there will be 9 barbed nylon pins that take a little force, as well, to dislodge; 4 on the bottom, 3 on the hinge side, and 2 on the outer edge. Then using the palm of your hand drive the panel upward by making contact with the protruding portion of the door panel just below the handle you use to close the door.

RP....My 1997 Sierra GMC 1500 was slightly different then above. Instead of metal clips at the 4 directions, mine had plastic pins. I am not sure you will know which kind of mounting method was done to your vehicle until you take the flat head screw driver and wedge it in. My recommendation would be to wedge in the flat tip screw driver on the left side of the door as you were facing the Drivers side door from the inside(The opposite for the passengers side door) and begin the process of opening up the door. If you noticed plastic pins, you will know that you have my style door.

Again...Once you know you have this style door you must understand that the inside panel rests over the lip of the window so you will need to wedge the bottom, the left and the right sides and then bend the panel up to remove it from the lip of the window.

Also note that there is a plastic piece above the panel near the inside of the window that will need to be removed as well as the panel around the inside door handle.

Once the panel is removed you will need to removed, you will notice a metal plate encompassing the inside of where the door panel was. You will need to partially remove this panel to expose the door handle mechanism. I remove the top 6 hex screws which gave me access to the full mechanism.

The door handle mechanism is part of the lock mechanism so the lock and the door pin will need to be removed from the plastic piece that is the door handle. My plastic piece had a metal rivet in the structure to attach it to the metal piece. I used a Drimel tool to remove the pin. Once that and the door pin and lock pin were removed, the plastic piece did slide out. I then went to Cheker Auto and purchased a replacement plastic door piece. I slid the door pin and the lock pin back into the new plastic piece and mounted it back into the door. From there I reversed the process of mounting the door back together.

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Q: How do you install an inside door handle on a 1996 GMC Sierra?
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