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How do you install and recognize a new tire pressure monitor on a 2000 Corvette?


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2015-07-14 15:07:12
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to reconize a new tire monitor you need to program it to your system car

you will need a magnet off a car peaker to do so or purchase the tool which is a magnet anyway from gm

1) turn ignition ON

2)press the RESET button in order to clear any IPC display warning messages

3)press and release the OPTION button on the DIC to scroll through the display options until IPC display is blank

4) press hold the DIC RESET buton for 3 seconds

5)press the OPTIONS button again until the TIRE TRAINING message appears

6)press the RESET button until the IPC LEARN L FRONT TIRE message appears in order to begin the programming sequence

7)hold the magnet over the left front valve stem

8) the horn will sound,indicating the left front TPM sensor is programmed you might have to go through the procedure 3 times if horn doesent sound when horn sounds ,proceed to program the next TPM sensor in the following order as directed by the IPC messages .LEARN R FRONT TYRE .LEARN R REAR TIRE .LEARN L REAR TYRE then you should be done hope mkes sence to you DIC is driver information centre on dash

If your talking about a t.p.m.s (tire pressure monitor system) valve, remove the tire from vehic.(the one with the valve you want to change) brake the tire bead at the valve. be sure to ref. tire to wheel relation for balance. Install new T.P.M.S valve. You should have done by a tire shop/dealer. there is torque values for the t.p.m.s valve & valve core. for the relearn, this requires a special tool. most tire shops & dealers have these tools. there may be a reset in the fuse panel(red button,says reset) .


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