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Q: How do you install cold air intake for 04 Nissan altima?
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How much horsepower is gained by installing an injen cold air intake system on a 2002 Nissan altima?

12 - 17 hp

How do you install a cold air intake on mustang?

By installing an cold air intake on a mustang

What is the best cold air intake for a Nissan Titan?

AEM Bruteforce.

What could be the cause of the fan not working Nissan altima?

my air is cold, and car does not overheat but the fan does not work

How do you install a cold air intake on peugeot 205?

Almost any cold air intake system you buy will come with complete instructions for that unit.

Can you install a cold air intake and a short ram intake in the same car?

no, you only have one intake therefore you can only modify it one way. the short ram intake will most likely be a shorter edition of the cold air intake.

How do you install a cold air intake?

take and remove your stock intake and bolt ur new one up easy

Why would someone install a Dodge Ram cold air intake?

A person may install a Dodge Ram Cold Air Intake device on their vehicle in order to improve vehicle performance. They provide better acceleration and fuel use.

2005 jetta gli you just installed an AEM cold air intake and it is not running prperly and you follewed all steps to install correctly Anyone have any ideas on what is wrong?

I did not install an AEM cold air intake into a 2005 Jetta GLi.

03 Nissan Sentra will not accelerate?

you probably blew your MAF sensor on the intake. its $550 at any Nissan dealer. good luck. and don't install no other "cold air intakes" on your car. you wont get anything out of your car with those.... look it just cost you 550 dolllars

What could be wrong with a 2001 Nissan Altima if the air conditioner blows air but not cold air and I have already recharged the system?


What cold air intake will fit on a 1991 Nissan Stanza KA24E is the engine?

None, you have to fabricate a custom one.

How do you install a cold air intake on a 1996 dodge neon?

there are plenty of "How-To's" for home made CAI's (Cold Air Intake) at Neon enthusiast forums ( and are IMO the best examples)

How many cold crank amps are required for a 1998 Nissan altima battery?

Anywhere from 525 to 750 is good when buying a new battery. The more the better.

Why does the AC pressure say high but not blowing cold air on a 2003 Nissan altima 3.5?

contaminants in system, over charged bad metering devise

Why would a Nissan altima have a bad vibration from the engine when cold but when warm it is fine This is a 1993 altima and has had a recent tune-up?

starting with the redesigned 1998 altima the engine crankshaft was balanced much better to reduce vibration. we have a 1993 and a 1999 altima with the same engine and the 1999 is so smooth at idle i sometimes can't tell if it's running.

How do you install a cold air intake on a 1985 Toyota MR2?

there is only one cold air intake for them unless you make your own its made by k&n and it sucks dont get it have some one make you one cause that is what i did

Signs of timing chain breaking on a 97 Nissan Altima?

Most likely a rattle from that area in the engine bay when cold that subsides somewhat when engine gets warm.

How do you Install a cold air intake in a 2001 dodge ram?

all depends on the cold air kit you have chosen but if you go to the web site of the manufactuer there is usually a pdf file you can download and get the complete install walk through

Where is heater core in 2005 Nissan Altima?

why is my 2006 Altima blowing cold air when not in motion , example stop light or as soon as it is idling even when it has ran for a long time and the engine is warm. The controls for the "doors"(vent covers that direct the air)are run by vacuum. There cold be a vacuum leak of one of the doors is stuck.

Type of oil for 2002 Nissan Altima?

Go with fully synthetic 5W30 (year-round). My Altima has 225K miles and I never had a problem with the car. During extremely cold winter months, I've used fully synthetic 5W20. I recommend Valvoline or Mobil1.

Why does a 2005 Nissan Altima heater blow cold air when idoling but blows hot air at constant speeds?

Poor circulation from a restricted/plugged heater core. Try flushing it.

When you fill radiator with water the water leaks out from the back of engine on your 1994 Nissan altima what cold be the problem?

Sounds to me like a cracked head and or a blown head gasket, i had a similar problem but it was on a Saturn

Ive installed a cold air intake in your car and now it wont run right all it does is sit there and idles really rough What could you have done to cause this problem?

When did you install a cold air intake in my car and why? I don't know what I could have done to cause the problem since I did not install it. The problem is you have messed up the fuel-air ratio somehow.

How do you install a cold air intake for a 1998 Pontiac sunfire gt?

I guess you're asking about an after market intake? It should be easy. 1. Go to parts appropriate intake kit. 2. Follow manufacturers installation instructions