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Installing daytime running lights is simple as long as you know what you want. Aftermarket driving lights make some excellent daytime running lights. I used a set and they work fine. The best thing to do is go to your local auto parts store and select a set of driving lights that satisify you as to how they look on your vehicle. The instructions for installing this kit is included with the lights. If you want to make sure they come on and go off with the ignition switch, install a relay and run the power wire to energize the relay to a system activated with the ignition being turned on and off. Make sure the wire is run correctly or there could be big problems. I used the wiper power wire and it works fine because the power comes from the battery for the lights not the wiper wire. The only thing the wiper wire is for is to provide a trigger for the relay to turn on or off. There are a lot of nice kits out there and a lot of them are very inexpensive and will do a fine job. You can find the relay wiring schematic on the internet by going to Google and entering wiring a bosch relay. The simplest way is to carry it to an electronics shop and have them do the installation, they already have experienced people. .

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Q: How do you install daytime running lights in a 2000 Durango?
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