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How do you install door speakers on a 98 dodge neon you got the door off and the old speaker out need help wiring?


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well if you have the door off already then take a Philips head screwdriver and romove the speaker if you put a new speaker in try to roll down your window all the way first before instaling the door pannel. you might need the spacer to bring it out alittle. i just cut the factory harness and splied in the corect harness


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Pull off the door panel, unscrew the stock/old 6.5 inch speaker, disconnect the speaker wiring and connect the new speaker. Screw the speaker in the hole in the door and replace the door panel.

You could have a blown outputs stage on your amp, or maybe the speaker's cooked. Check all your wiring. Try replacing the speakers. If the problem persists, install a new headunit and brand new wiring.

You can find a speaker wiring diagram for Dodge Ram 2005 with factory infinity amp by visiting the nearest Dodge authorized repair center.

You can find a speaker wiring diagram Dodge Ram 2005 with infinity amp bypass by visiting the nearest Dodge authorized repair center.

dodge factory speaker sizes are 6"x9"

infinity speakers have the amp on the speaker

you get the speaker and smash the neon up then you are done OK !!

The two front speakers are 6 1/2 and the rear speakers are 6x9s.

The front speakers are 6x9" and the rear speakers are 5.25".

the door speakers are 6.5 and the rear are 6x9

There is no fuse for the speakers, only the radio.

All 4 speakers are 6x9's

The stereo wiring diagram for the 1998 Dodge Caravan is basically a wiring blueprint for that vehicle. This diagram shows exactly which wires are connected to each speaker.

Small screwsriver pop the metal speaker covers off..easy access to speakers from there

The front speakers, in your 2008 Dodge avenger, will measure four inches by six inches. The back speakers will measure six inches by eight inches.

Carefully remove the A pillar cover.. Then pop out the speaker screen..

2002 dodge ram 1500 has a single 3.25 speaker in the center of the dash

Dodge spirit and Plymouth Acclaims use 5 1/4" speakers in front and rear doors. The covers pry off if done gently. The have plastic tabs holding them on. They get brittle so be careful. Just unscrew and install new speakers and snap on the covers. They sell kits a Walmart and other stores if needed for the speakers. I'm getting ready to replace the door speakers in my 94 Dodge Spirit.

The front and back speakers are 6x9, there are also speaker holes in the front dash on the left and right. The dash speaker holes are small, like 3 1/2 or 4 inch.

The dash speakers on the left and right are 3 1/2" round speakers. I have no idea how big the center channel dash speaker is.

If you have a DMM handy set it to read the Ohms Scale , first remove stereo , next put black probe lead to each negative wire ( you will need a wiring diagram ) then locate each pair, each speaker should read between 4-8 ohms if the meter does not show this specs then the the coil in the speaker is open or you may have a wiring problem, check at each dead speaker location usually 2 terminals some are marked + or - for polairity if the coil is open you will need to replace the speaker. This is a common problem under wattage speakers or open coil make sure if you buy a new stereo and the car is X amount of years old new speakers are in order. also hint speakers when connected to ohm meter will pop to make noise if working, if speakers are OK , suspect bad wiring and go purchase new speaker wire, almost every major electronics store that sells stereos will sell speakers and wiring accossories. Mark - CET ( Member of ISCET ) Long time electronics technician

If you have the 4 speaker base system, both the door and the rear speakers should be 6x9. The 6 speaker "premium" system should add 3.5in in the dash.

For a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab, there are two different sizes of speakers. The front speakers are 6x9 and the rear are 5-1/4.

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