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On 6.0L diesel there are two filters, they come in a set when you buy them at the auto parts store. One is on the frame on driver side and the secondary filter is on the top front center of the engine behind the charge air cooler tube ( use a 1/2in ratchet in the top of the cap). do not use 1/2 ratchet in top. top is 24 mm and lower is 36 mm same as oil filter. trust me a i am master Ford diesel tech seen many of these caps break do to 1/2 tool inserted

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โˆ™ 2009-01-30 23:19:58
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Q: How do you install fuel filters on a 6.0L diesel 2003 ford F250 PU?
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How many fuel filters in 93 f250?

diesel or gas?

Is there a cabin air filter on the 2003 Ford F250 diesel 4x4?

The 2003 Ford f250 did not come with an air cabin filter. There was a dealer install option but very few were ever put in.

What model years install ford diesel 6.0?

6.0L Power Stroke Diesel 2003 - 2007 F250, F350 pickup and F350+ Cab Chassis, 2003 - 2005 Excursion and 2003 - 2009 vanSPONSORED BY:

When do you change the spark plugs on a 2003 f250 v8 6.0 diesel?

No spark plugs on a diesel

What is the fuel capacity of a 2003 f250 diesel truck?

Most f250 fuel tanks if single are 24-25 gals

Why does the turbo light on your 2003 F250 diesel 6.0 stay on?

Your Turbo is not providing boost.

What years did ford have the 7.3 liter power stroke diesel engine in their f250?


What is the engine oil capcity for a 2003 ford F250 6.0 powerstroke diesel?

The oil capacity for the 6.0 Powerstoke Diesel is 15 quarts.

What were the years for the bad diesel engine by ford?

I know that the 2003 ford f250 diesel was what they call the lemon year. They swiched from a 7.3 to 6.0

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how do you change the oil filter on 2006 f250 diesel?

Proper tire pressure 2003 f250 7.3 diesel?

You will find that on the drivers door manufacturers sticker.

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Diesels do not use oxygen sensors

What is the largest tire that can put on a 1999 F250 diesel?

I have a 305-70-16 on my stock 99 f250 diesel.

Where is the starter and what does it look like on 2002 f250 ford diesel?

Where is the starter and what does it look like on 2002 f250 ford diesel?

What size diesel engine is in 2004 f250?

The optional diesel engine in an '04 F250 Ford is a 6.0L V-8 Turbo Diesel made by Navistar (International)

How to replace fuel pump on 1995 f250 7.3 diesel?

Directions on how to replace a fuel pump on a 1995 F250 diesel 7.3

Where are the icp sensor and the gas filters on 2003 f250 6.0 diesel super duty located?

ICP sensor is located on the rear of the engine directly under the turbo and firewall a real beotch to get at I pulled the transmission to change that and my up-pipe. The "FUEL" filters are located one on top of the engine the other on the driver side frame rail.

Where is the Starter for a 1985 F250 Diesel?

On the transmission.

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Where are the fuel filters on the 2006 f250 diesel?

the primary filter is on the driver side frame rail even with the transmission. the secondary filter is located top front of engine. it is the smaller cap.

What is the track record for the Ford F250 diesel?

It seems to have a good safety record. Note that the F250 diesel is NOT one of the vehicles affected by the acceleration problem that's been in the news lately. The Ford F250 diesel has gotten some great reviews from consumers. Because it is a diesel the gas mileage is not that great as to be expected.

What does the gas pump dashboard warning light mean on a 2003 F250 powerstroke diesel?

Normally that would be the low fuel warning light

Is a F250 Super Duty a Diesel?

It could either have a gasoline engine or a diesel engine

Did ford put cummins diesel in 1974 f250?