How do you install new blower motor for 2002 e350 ford van?

For the front blower ( mine also has rear), you remove battery and battery tray, pull off wiper filler hose at bottom, loosen AC component from drivers sine fender - the black cylinder about 4" diameter ( 3 screws). Then unscrew fan from housing and gently work in towards you, the reason you had to loosen AC component's bolts is that it has to be pulled to you about 1/2 inch... do not pull to hard, you can damage the AC! The fan has one flat side ( on it's face) I had to make that side face AC to get it out, it's tight, but it will come out. When I installed new motor, I removed old fan and put it on the new motor.... and I also removed the sticky rubber that seals air out and put it on new fan... just pull it off slowly