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VERY easy! On a scale of 1-10 this has to be a 2 or 1. 1. The plug wires are located on the top of the engine. 2. Remove old plug wires ONE at a time from the spark plug and from the ignition cap. 3. When removing each wire twist it slightly to the right and to the left before pulling it off. 4. Match up the old plug wire with the new one by length. 5. Purchase "exact-fit" wires to make it easier to match up the old ones with the new ones. 6. When installing new wires use di-electric grease on both ends of the plug wire on the inside where the pluug wire contacts the plug and cap.

That's it!! YOU ARE DONE!!

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Q: How do you install spark plug wires in a 1994 Saturn SW2?
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40 thousands

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