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In my garden I have 3 rows with 5 tomato plants in each. I have 2 stakes at either end of the 5 plants with string twine from stake to stake on each side. The stakes are 36 high and about 12 inches in the ground. Good luck. It is best to do this before the tomato grows very much. Pushing the stake into the ground near the plant can damage the roots. Also,you can put 1 (or more if needed ) stake per plant ,& tie the plant to the stake with twine as it grows, wrapping it in a figure-of-8 to prevent it cutting in.

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Q: How do you install stakes for a tomato plant?
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How do you keep top of tomato plants from sagging?

Most tomato plants need to be surrounded by support stakes or manufactured support "baskets" available at Home Depot, WalMart, etc.... If you can't find these, use my grandfather's method: Insert 1" x 1" stakes in the ground around the plant about 3' high, then tie strings around these stakes about every 6". Gently rest the limbs of the tomato plant onto the strings for support.

What part of a plant is a tomato?

A tomato is the developed ovary of the tomato plant flower. The plant is called a tomato plant and the fruit is the tomato you buy in the fruit shop.

What is Function of tomato to the plant?

The tomato is the fruit of the tomato plant and carries to seed.

What type of plant is a cherry tomato?

It is a type of tomato plant.

How do you grow a tomato from a tomato plant?

you put the plant in the ground

How does a tomato plant produce new plants?

Tomato seed produce tomato plant. cutting can be plant to reproduce more tomato plant. if you want to learn how to plant tomato from seed, check here vegflavors. com/plant-tomatoes-from-seeds/

What is the root of a tomato plant?

the root of a tomato plant is a root!

What makes a tomato plant?

Tomato seed produce tomato plan. if you want to learn plant tomato from seed, check here vegflavors. com/plant-tomatoes-from-seeds/

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Is a tomato plant is an example of angiosperm?

Yes, the tomato plant is a flowering plant, thus it is an angiosperm.

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tomato plant reproduce by seeds if you really look into the tomato(also known as the plant ovary) it contains seeds (also known as the ovule).

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