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You begin by removing the fender support brace on the left side over the battery and disconnect the battery. Then put on the emergency brake and put the car in neutral. There are two engine support braces on the front connecting the engine to the front of the car. They reach over the radiator and connect where the hood latches. Remove these breces but leave the bracket on the engine and the from. Now get a ratching strap and loop it from the frame bracket to the engine. You are goint to rotate the the engine forward by tightening the strap. The engine will roll forward and rotate around the transmission. If the car is not in neutral you will break your motor mounts. With the engine rolled forward it is a reach and a squeeze but you can get to the spark plugs. At a shop the car can be lifted and the pluge accessed from underneath the backside of the engine. Good Luck.

I was able to access the back plugs by jacking the van up, putting jackstands under it and reaching up where the exhaust pipe come down through. It is tight and requires patience, but got it done. Hardest part was getting boot off of plugs

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Q: How do you install the back three spark plugs on a 1996 Pontiac Transport 3.4L engine?
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