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How do you install the belt on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?

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2015-07-15 21:48:35
2015-07-15 21:48:35

I don't know automotive lingo, But I do know how to change the belt, I just performed this task a day ago. If you have the right tool (13mm monkey wrench) and belt, it should take you 5-10 minutes tops and save you anywhere from $50-$100 depending on your local mechanic's rates and the cost of the belt ($11-$21). : With new belt in hand (purchased from an auto parts store) Locate the torque nut on the tensioner, which will be the only pully (so to speak) that the belt goes around which is without ridges. Use a 13mm monkey wrench to adjust the tensioner closer to the alternator which will be have the smaller pulley (with ridges that the belt goes around) above the tensioner. You are turning the nut counter clock-wise, the tensioner will lift upward allowing the old belt (if it's still there, my son's was not :) to slip off easily. Look at the routing of the belt before taking it off so that you replace it exactly. If belt is not there: Facing the belt straight on from the passengers side of the car(routing should go around the two larger-lower pulleys, then from the left side, should loop under the tensioner, then back around over the last smaller-alternator pulley which is above the tensioner.) God Bless.

You obiously did not change this as the upper engine mount and bracket from engine need to be removed. Quit a time consuming job

Actually it depends on the engine, I think its the smaller one (4cyl) that requires the steps described above. It is a very straightforward job.

i have a 2.4 and you do not need to take the upper engine mount and bracket...changing the belt is butter

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