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How do you install the key lock cylinder on a 1995 Toyota Camery LS coupe?

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2015-07-14 14:58:40
2015-07-14 14:58:40

the ignition switch is commonly caled the key lock clyinder


If you have tilt steering then you need to take it to a dealership they will have a specail tool to remove the pivot pins in the steering column housing. this makes key lock cylinder replacement impossible for the home auto repair technician.

if it is not tilt steering 1) remove negative battery cable 2) remove steering wheel: probably need steering wheel puller for this. 3) remove turn signal switch assembly 4) place lock cylinder in RUN position 5) remove turn signal switch housing screws 6) remove turn signal switch housing and steering shaft assembly : as complete unit: 7) lift the switch tab with a screwdriver then GENTLY pull on the buzzer switch wires and remove the buzzer switch 8) place the lock cylinder in the accessory position 9) remove retaing screws fro lock clyinder and remove the lock cylinder. 10) reverse to install.


  • Hiya, Good Wrench just did a Beretta column tilt without having to bother them nasty dealer folks.

If you have a long skinny needle nose pliers and some patience you can pull this off.

This does invove taking the column off the car though.

There is a shiney cap and spring at the lower right hand corner at the tilt pivot. Take that out just use something that will turn in the little square hole and push, turn and it's off. Please be aware that this cap and spring are under presure and care must be taken to insure you don't get bopped in the face with the cap and spring. Set the tilt angle to max upward.

Through that hole you can use the needle nose to pull the buzzer switch straight out and get to the torx head screw at an angle to the right. Youll have to just kinda push the buzzer switch outa the way and get your T20 torx head in. Once it's loose just turn the column upside down to retrieve the screw. The cylinder should pull right out.

Use your needle nose pliers to guide the set screw back in. Tighten then use the pliers to guide the buzzer switch back into the hole.

Set the tilt mount to about the middle range and everything can be got at.

Remember, be patient doing this as it is a small work area but this will work.

Good luck!

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