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How do you install the stator on a 1984 goldwing 1200?


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Well, it was just a question of time. The stator is in the back of the engine. Cost for replacement part is under $ 250.00, PROBLEM, you have to remove the engine........Roughly a 10 to 16 hour job. Yes I know some say only 8 hours, yes possible. But, keep in mine when you remove the engine, you have to take apart all the attachments, which will require cleaning, and new gaskets and O rings. Change some sensors, check wiring, oil, antifreeze, plugs gaskets, timing belts, and anything else you might need. If you want to do a great job that you can depend on the machine after, well should cost around $ 700.00 or so for parts. NOW, there's labor, if you send it out, go with at least 12 hours or so , usually most shops will charge around $ 800.00 to 1000.00 just for the labor. If you do the job yourself you will save the labor. There however is an ALTERNATIVE ALTERNATOR. There are 2 products on the market to-day. The first is an exterior alternator that fits into the front timing cover driven off the crank. The 2nd way, is an alternator kit that mounts inside the lower fairing, completely hidden, also drives off the crank in the timing cover. If you check on Google, look for tel: 573-226-3934. The last cost I saw for this was U/s $ 598.00. All parts included. I decided to change the stator on mine, used after market stator, and installed a LED gauge to monitor the system after. Works just great. If you need more info, just drop me a line on my message board. Hope this all helps. Big job, but don't be afraid of it.

The other way is to do the "Poor Boy" conversion. there are kits available but you can do it yourself. The Steve Saunders Goldwing Site has lots of good info on this. You actually use a Import alternator that is concealed under the fairing. Much better and easier to deal with.