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medcation and drugs

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2013-02-03 17:27:40
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Q: How do you instantly detox your body of cocaine?
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How do you detox your body from cocaine?

quit doing it for a few days and your body will detox itself

How long does it take vinegar to detox the body of cocaine?

It doesn't.

Cranberry juice detox cocaine?

does cranberry juice cleanse body of toxins like cocaine

What foods that will detox your body of crack cocaine?

food cannot detox you from crack cocaine.... you need the Purification. Go to any Scientology mission or organization and get the data on it.

Does yogi detox tea clear your system of cocaine?

Do yogi detox tea help rid of cocaine?

What natural herbs are best for cocaine detox?

For cocaine detox, now a days there are complete detox kits available. These detox kits consists of natural herbs that have healing and detoxifying properties. Detoxification means removal of the impurities from the body and cleansing of the organs. Some of the natural herbs that assists in detoxification of Cocaine are Alfalfa leaf, Slippery Elm bark etc.

Do cocaine detox drinks work?


What food help you to clean your body from cocaine?

foods NEVER clean drugs from your body. what you need is a detox liquid. they are sold in CVS drug stores. but Cocaine is a drug that leaves the body in at most 2 days in snorted. any other drug you need a detox if your trying to get it out of your system. good luck.

If you drink cranberryjuice will that detox your system of cocaine?


How do you detox cocaine in one day?

By miracle.

Does watering up and exercise help get cocaine out your body?

No u got to get a special detox tea to get it out but exercise and water can help

Does assure detox clean your system of cocaine?


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