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The "slow is smooth, smooth is fast" saying has its origins in the military. With that context the meaning is fairly obvious: moving fast, or rushing it, is reckless and will likely get you killed. If you move slowly, carefully and deliberate however, you are really moving as fast as you can without needlessly increasing the risk on your life.

The expression comes from the rifle range-it is what the instructors say to the people being trained regarding loading and unloading- aiming etc-it is a marine corps expression from the range that bleed over into other areas and then into the civilian world. semper fi
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Q: How do you interpert the quote Slow is smooth Smooth is fast?
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What movie is the is this quote from slow is smooth smooth is fast?

The Shooter

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smooth muscle!

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smooth muscle

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Smooth muscles produce a slow movement of the stomach mixing the contents. This muscle is not voluntary as you do not have to think about it as you do with your legs and arm muscles.

How are the short length and slow movement in muscles like digestive organs?

The muscles in organs are called smooth muscle. Smooth muscle has short length and slow movement. It is involuntary unlike skeletal muscle.

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Slow, Easy Stretching Exercises that are smooth and fluid.

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Crank slow and smooth, reload smoothly

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The general tendency is that there is less friction on a smooth surface. The object will eventually slow down (if there are no forces to keep it moving), but the rate of slowing down will be less than on surfaces that provide more friction.

Would a cell survive without smooth endoplasmic reticulum?

A cell would survive normally, in fact a little more healthier since all the smooth (ER) does is slow the cell down and create useless fats only eatable by donkies.

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Depends on the hardware. But the one I own runs smooth like a hot knife through butter.

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Who said slow is smooth smooth is fast?

Originating from the Army, it is quoted from Sergeant Alvin York from the "Lost Batallion" in World War 1. By the way, Sergeant York led his platoon to capture 132 German POWs..........THIS ANSWER IS INCORRECT!!!!!!.......The quote originated in the Marine Corps. during W.W.I.......Sgt. York WAS a HERO, captured 132 Germans by HIMSELF,.... BUT...........Sgt York WAS NOT part of the LOST BATTALION in W.W.I..........Please read a history book, don't get all your knowledge from the internet.

What are the functions of smooth muscle cells?

Smooth muscles or involuntary muscles are those that can not be controlled by your will. Like your stomach muscles, heart, etc.These muscles cannot be controlled so keep working whether you want or not. Another answer is smooth muscle produces slow and sustained contraction such as the contraction in the wall of the stomach and intestines.Finally,the muscle of the arteries contract and relax to regulate blood pressure and blood flow.

How do you go slow motion in minecraft?

If you are talking about smooth panning, you press the f8 key. There are most likely, of course, some mods that let you to truly go into slow motion.

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