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the main key measurements. i.e. outlines, drill holes, radii, etc...

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Q: How do you interpret workpiece refrerence points?
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How do you interpret workpiece reference points?

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What are lathe cutting tools?

Cutting tool on the workpiece. Foam cutting tool the workpiece. Cutting tool into the workpiece.

How does a lathe hold its workpiece?

A lathe holds its workpiece by means of a chuck. A chuck has three or four self-centering or four independent jaws which clamp the workpiece.

What are the three main types of laser engraving machines?

There is an XY table which is where the workpiece is stable but the the laser moves around x and y points. The second one is best used for cylindrical workpieces. the third one both the workpiece and laser are still but mirrors are used.

How do you interpret workpiece reference points and system of tolerancing?

Reference points: Think about how the part will be made, and how it will be inspected. Usually something will make sense. Try to keep common references between drawing views, and if possible try to base everything from points, planes, or edges that appear in multiple views. Tolerances: Consider how the part will be made- what minimum tolerances can be held on the intended equipment and processes? What is the maximum tolerance on the individual parts that will allow the assembly to fit together and function properly? The right answers lie between those extremes.

How do you mount the workpiece?

Strech is a Bell-End

How does a lathe machine hold the workpiece?

There are various ways for a lathe to hold its workpiece.The workpiece could be held between centers from the spindle and tail stockIt could be gripped in a chuckA faceplate could be used and the workpiece is screwed, bolted or clamped to it.

What is the difference between grinding and turning?

When grinding, an abrasive material such as carborundum is used to remove material from the workpiece. When turning, material is removed from the workpiece with a cutting tool. The worpiece is usually clamped in the jaws of a chuck, and the chuck turns. the tool is clamped to a toolpost and moved along the workpiece and into the workpiece in order to cut material off in a measured amount.

What is the working principle of milling machine?

The workpiece is holding on the worktable of the machine. The table movement controls the feed of workpiece against the rotating cutter. The cutter is mounted on a spindle or arbor and revolves at high speed. Except for rotation the cutter has no other motion. As the workpiece advances, the cutter teeth remove the metal from the surface of workpiece and the desired shape is produced.

What are the reference or datum points on a cnc lathe machine?

depending on machine-x and z zero machine reference points are in the upper right hand corner(away from workpiece) whereas your programmable origin point used for your specific program is completely up to you.

Why is it necessary that the tool be clamped tightly in the tool post?

If the cutting tool is not tightly clamped in the tool post it could move when a cut is taken. This can result in the tool penetrating the workpiece as the cut progresses causing an undersized workpiece. It can also eventually bite into the workpiece and possibly cause damage to the workpiece, the lathe, the cutting tool and even injury to the machinist and others in close proximity.

What is the symbol for cell reference?

The symbol for Cell refrerence is simple as you already probably know how a cell symbol looks like add to together

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How do you interpret workpiece reference points and system of tolerancing?

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