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How do you introduce yourself at a job interview?

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"Hello. My name is [name]." "How are you today?"


Introducing yourself is about your first chance to say something that will make you memorable to the interviewer. You've got about 20 seconds before you are either on the "good" or "bad" list, so make every one of them count. Be prepared to be under observation all the time that you are at the office/interview. Even the secretary/receptionist may be asked for an impression of you after you leave.

First off, have your cell phone turned off. A call in the middle of the interviewer's meeting with you can ruin your chances.

Do not be sitting down as you wait for the interviewer. Nothing is worse for your image than having to struggle out of a chair. There is usually something to stand up and look at -- art, a display of company literature, a window.

When the interviewer approaches you or has you brought into his room, he will usually introduce himself first and make a movement to shake hands. This is your script:

  • Look him in the face with a slight smile. (Practice in the mirror. Ask friends for technique comments)
  • Shake the offered hand (You should practice this common action with friends, asking their impression of your technique. A poor handshake is a real turn-off.)
  • Repeat his name (Hello, Mr. Smith! A pleasure to meet you!) in a manner that says, first off, you are pleased to meet him and secondly, that you are repeating his name to lock it into your memory
  • Then say this (substituting your own information) -- "I'm Gregory Harper Jones, but my friends all call me Greg!" This sentence ensures he knows your name, but also lets him become a bit "closer" to you as it will inevitably lead to him using the name that is used by "your friends" putting him (in his mind) into that category.
  • Then, do not sit down until invited to do so. You are a guest on his turf and should not take any "I'm in control" actions.

Next actions:

  • Small talk to break the ice
  • Getting down to the interview
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How do you introduce yourself in an interview for a first job?

Goodday mate

Introduce about yourself?

There are many ways to introduce yourself in a job interview. You could start by saying your name and reason for applying.

How do you introduce yourself when you go to a customer service job interview?

When you introduce yourself when you go to a customer service job interview make sure you include a nice smile, and firm handshake. Also, make sure you are dressed presentably.

Give example to introduce oneself in interview?

There are many ways in which you can introduce yourself in an interview. You can introduce yourself by telling about your background for example.

How do you introduce yourself at a cabin crew interview?

To introduce yourself at a cabin crew interview, tell everyone your name and what age you are, and what you have been doing recently. Elaborate on any interesting points about you that are relevant to the job.

What you say in 30 seconds to introduce yourself at the group job interview?

Say your name and the things you like about the job then explain yourself, & the position you want in your job

How do you introduce my self in a telephone job interview?

Just introduce yourself the same way you would do a regular interview: state your name and talk about how you could be a future asset to a company.

How do you introduce yourself in a bank interview?

hi,i am nita

How do you answer introduce your self in a job interview?

ambot lang

How do you introduce educational background at job interview?

To introduce your educational background in a job interview wait until the employer you would like to be hired by asks your for your experience and your qualification.

Give example of how to introduce yourself at a job interview?

. i don't know that answer to this one , as i have been looking for a job ever since a finish school . i really want to work with animals . dress up spart for a interview

What best describe yourself as a thing?

how to introduce my self in the interview

How should I introduce myself in an interview online -- E-Interview?

You should introduce yourself in an online interview by stating a greeting like Hello, Hi, and then you should state your full name.

What should be the best answer for introduce yourself in an interview?

It's haft of your accomplishments to be success while on the job, more focus the company benefit of what position you apply, also weakness on how you to strengthen

How do you introduce yourself in an interview?

Hello my name is Amanda Smith and I am excited to be given this opportunity to have an interview here today.

Introduction for interview?

When you go to an interview it is best if you first introduce yourself. Then you may go on to say why you want to be a part of the team.

How do you introduce yourself for a college interview?

When going to a college interview, the person should firmly shake everyone's hand in the room. They should introduce themselves. They should say "Nice to meet you."

How do you introduce yourself in telephonic interview?

na peru shive, nenu baga chaduvukunnau.

What is the difference between describe yourself and tell about yourself in a job interview?

There is not a difference between describing yourself and telling about yourself in a job interview. This is a time when you want to try and sell yourself so the employer will want to hire you.

Briefly introduce yourself?

When introducing yourself in an interview or group interview it is important to be brief. Make sure to mention key points about yourself, while not getting lost in a long drawn out description.

How do you introduce yourself in interviewing a gay person?

No differently than you would introduce yourself to a straight man in an interview. Gay men dont need or expect special treatment because they are gay just introduce yourself as you would anyone else.

What are the possible questions for a job interview?

tell me about yourself>.......

Self introduction for an college interview?

In a college interview, you should introduce yourself as honestly as you can. Don't set your interviewer up for anything; instead, let him guide the interview.

How do you introduce yourself in a job interview without telling too muh?

Hi my name is Maria I am hard working, good listener, honest and friendly. it would be a pleasure to work here.

How do you answer 'Tell something about yourself' in a job interview?

Tell something about yourself.