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How about inviting him over to your place! Ask him for dinner. A single guy never turned down a good home-cooked meal. If you can't cook, cheat and order out, but eat in your home. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-18 23:38:34
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Q: How do you invite yourself over to an ex's place?
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How do you deal with dating your exs best friend?

its really easy to deal with , as long as you and your ex are still friends. and you are over your ex.

What should you do if you still have emotions for your ex?

Ex? Husband, make it work. Put simply life worsens with more exs. Boyfriend, ask yourself if he is honestly worth it.

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How do you get over your ex whom you are still friends with and work with?

i am at schol but i am with 3 ov mi exs everyday its hard bt its life just get through it

Can Exs still be best friends or friends?

Yes, of course.

Can exs be friends?

yes of course they can but they can but they shouldn't get too close for a while

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Get to know your exs friend and talk to your ex about this because if you are good mates and she is truly over you- she will support you. If you didnt end on good terms- well...

You broke your exs heart now he has a girlfriend but says he wants to come back is he lying to you?

it doesn't have to be that he can say he wants you again and mean it all over again. but he's in a relationship so he can't be with you.

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Then you need to find a new boyfriend.

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Ok I'm not perfect A's no human is exs are exs for a reason A's far A's getting her to move on go out with another girl if this doesn't work find your ex somewhere bring your girlfriend with you and kiss your girlfriend in front of your ex might sound mean but sometime that's the only way it will click for them that it's truly over hope this helped

You cant stop thinking about your ex what do you do I miss him so much?

move on, if you sit at the house all the time, get out with your friends meet new people. heck you might meet a new guy that takes your exs place!

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i would think so. i mean im best friends with my ex

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