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Q: How do you join Wooz World?
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How do you get free wooz on wooz world?

say motherload of wooz

Where is mya wooz on wooz world?

te night with Mya Wooz

How to get wooz on wooz world?

working for it

What was wooz world called before wooz world?

kids studio.

How do you get a wooz money in wooz world with cheat?

how you do it

How do you get free wooz in wooz world?

do the misions

Where is mya wooz tv in wooz world?

I think at "Late night with Mya Wooz."

How do you get a wooz pet on wooz world?

you go and get a pet

How do you get 999999 wooz on wooz world?

you need to copy your answer to ten difrent units then you get 999999 wooz

Are there any virtual websites that are free to join?

wooz world is a good one it is free but you can subscribe to it. Although it is still awesome if you don't subscribe

Who is the richest woozen in wooz world?

Hey guys It is me MaxWooz and the wooz band . So far , in 2012 the richest woozen in wooz world is , PEDRO104

How do you get unlimited wooz on wooz world?

send referrals to friends

Will wooz world make you keep paying when you get wooz?

u have to pay or no wooz or u may get one from from a friend

What is the name of mya wooz tabby cat in wooz world?


How do you be a VIP on wooz world for free?

There is not currently a place where one can be a VIP on Wooz World for free.

How to be a vip in wooz world without paying cash?

first you go to wooz them press next and write wooz in the air

How do you buy clothes on wooz world?

umm at wooz mart and for vip's zechic

How do you 5000 wooz on click 'n win on wooz world?

It's changed now, you can't win 5000 wooz. but if you do get it, its totally random :)

Where do you buy choise shop podz in wooz world?

If you go to BOOYA! they have them there WARNING! They are wooz :P

How do you get three hundred wooz on wooz world?

1. u could get three hundred wooz if ur a VIP x) 2. u could sell stuffs and earn three hundred wooz but the shop podz required to sell stuff for wooz costs wooz. 3. or you can buy micro transition wooz bundles (pay some money and get tons of wooz)

Is wooz world a bad game?


How do you get a mannequins on wooz world?


Is 'wooz world' free?


Why do you have to say motherload of wooz to get free wooz?

ahh friends on wooz world hi freinds or wiki now ill tell u what to do really you dont have to say mother load of wooz it doesent work really i tried it well u know ill tell u a secret i dint pay a single bit of real life mony fror wooz i cant give them the visa number but i worked hard with the help of mya wooz bags i got stuff and selled stuff finally i got 240 wooz with out paying money well u can try too wishy u good luck on wooz world add me on wooz world im hinalima hope i helped

Are any celebriteies on wooz world?

no there is not any celebs on woozworld but people dress up like celebs to get a lot of wooz