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How do you join a hacked lobby mw2 PS3 for free?


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Add killzoner1995 he hosts them all the time


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When every single time you are in a hacked lobby... trust me it sucks.... especially if you want to play a legit game. To fix you can just make a new psn account.

go to for the best lobbies around i love them

it is 100% free. just buy the PS3 and the game and you are done. Better lobby and online than 360 too. it is updated frequently for free.

A jailbroken ps3 is a ps3 that has been hacked to have the ability to download free games, music, movies, etc. Though I do not recommend doing this, as it will ruin your ps3 and void the warranty provided by Sony.

Sony has just dropped a new patch about 3 weeks ago, making it impossible to get the jailbreak for PS3, and the creator of the hack who's name Geohot is being sued. It is impossible to have a hacked lobby on PS3 at the moment.

when your in the first lobby, press triangle in your on the ps3, and it will show you a list of all your friends who have black ops

April 20 2011 it was shut down after being hacked

ok my name on ps3 is N4TION_SOLDI3R and i can get you in just add me and ill get you in but you have to tryout for clan also

You can not host a MW2 challenge lobby for the 2013 PS3. This is due to a patch that was put out for the PlayStation. You may be able to host a lobby if you jailbreak your device.

You turn on the second controller in the lobby you wish to split screen and then press A(Xbox) or X(PS3) to join.

Yes Sony says early models that have not been updated can be hacked

go to for all the free tenth prestige lobbies! 100% legit lobbies everyday

Yes go to for a free challenge is virus free, but in involes a bit of work and you normally the link to download filezilla on their site don't work so just Google it.

well ps3 is free but there arent near as many players as xbox. and and since ps3 is free the it dosent have good security , as it has been hacked and peoples credit card and pesonel info was leaked and sold across the web.

Some of the other models could be hacked and that was why Sony claimed they removed the other OP system in a update to the PS3. see related link

the ps3 is already hacked ......u can play pirated games upto 3.55 .....the new 300x series is not hackable till yet

its hacked so get an xbox, (I have a ps3 too and play them equally)

To do a 10th prestige lobby or a 10th lobby, is very risky considering Microsoft and sony are really cracking down on hackers and rule breakers. But how you do it is you find someone that has hacked their xbox / ps3 and you enter a lobby they made and my doing a certain thing, like a headshot or somthing I'm not quiet clear on how it works, you may just need to enrter it, you get 10th prestige or a certain level or challenge unlocked or for that matter a gun. Its whatever the hacker set for the reward. -NOTE: I DO NOT recommend doing this, Microsoft and sony have ways of detecting who has used a 10th lobby and YOU WILL be banned if caught doing this which means you will need a new Xbox or PS3 because sony and Microsoft make it so you can't go online with the hacked system once they catch you.

you can play with it as when the company wasn't hacked... what you can't do is sign in to PSN

there are a lot of glitches add me i HOST mw2 challenge lobby ps3 free and i have zombies maps my PSN= CHiii_justAgame and i known a lot zombies hacks black ops

no it has a good security system ps3 duzent

go to next gen no spaces and if you have a flashdrive donload a challenge lobby by clicking on the 8th box or a box that has the option your lokking for to get a challenge lobby

Yeah Geohot has hacked it on the new software update because you can install custom files. You can visit his website to do load the software

it might get hacked on 24 November 2011 UK or US 23 or 24 or 25 of November 2011

yes, although if you're playing on ps3 be careful as hackers have overrun it and it can't be saved by Infinity Ward or Sony note: Modern Warfare 1 also has been hacked but only on the ps3

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