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Q: How do you jump from the volcano in panfu?
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Where is the key in panfu?

The key is located at the volcano in panfu

Where is the larva on panfu?

at the volcano

Where is the chilli plant on panfu?

on the volcano

Where is the telescope on panfu?

The teloscope is on the volcano.

How do you jump high in Panfu?

you cant

On panfu how do you get to the middle of the volcano with the telescope?

you cant get in the middle of the volcano with the telescope that's the eerier forsest

Where is the volcano snow in panfu?

its the white stuff on the volcano click on any piece

WERE DO you get the lava stone in panfu?

In the volcano, but i don't know where.

In Panfu how do you get to eerie forest?

Easy Go To the volcano on panfu and click the red/orange dot in the left bottom corner.

Where are the keys on panfu?

if you are talking about the keys for the boat then go to the volcano

If you jump in a volcano will you die?

I highly doubt that you will die if you jump into an active volcano.

Where is Hubi on Panfu?

In The Volcano

Panfu - Where is The Boat Key?

It is on the volcano with a F and duck key chain

Where is the lava plant on Panfu?

On the volcano next to the sign that takes you to the castle

How do you jump on Panfu?

By double click on the left mouse button!

Where are all the postcards on Panfu?

One at the beach,Jungle,swimming pool,volcano

Where abouts is the key in the volcano Panfu?

It is on the volcano, in the wood. it worked for me and not my friend! not totally sure now oh well!

What is the code on the pirates island on the rocks on panfu?

it is WILLIE jump on the rocks in that order

On panfu where is the eerie forest?

go to the volcano and click on the telescope you will see a yellow dot click on that

How do you get a volcano badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

jump into the volcano no shiot beeeouch

Do you explode when you jump in a volcano?


Where is the frog in the eerie forest in panfu?

you go to the volcano and look throue the teliscope and clickon the yellow dot

How do you get volcano rave on career on Madagascar escape to Africa?

run run run and jump jump jump

How many points do you get for each cloud that you jump on in the cloud jumping game?

Hello Pandas of Panfu! This is Ciel in Panfu answering your question, for each cloud you get 10 points.

Astroknights how do you cross volcano?

Jump on the rocks until one of the rocks reach the volcano then quickly jump on the top of the volcano and go in it.