World of Warcraft

How do you just altamaticley level up your character on warofwarcraft?


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"Automatically" is a word that derives from the Greek term "automatos," which roughly translates to "acting of itself." In this case, "automatically" would imply that your character levels up by itself. A few conflicts arise here, however...

First and foremost, characters do not automatically level up in World of Warcraft. This just doesn't happen.

Also, any behavior that would emulate any sort of automatic leveling up is considered cheating. Blizzard will quickly ban you and your account from the game.

Finally, and most importantly, implying that characters in World of Warcraft level up "by themselves" (if we are looking at the Greek root). This means that the characters can act out of their own accord, for their own benefit. Not only does this imply that World of Warcraft characters are sentient--if not, INTELLIGENT--beings, but this serves as a dire and immediate threat to the human race. How will you fare against a giant orc with a battleaxe?