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have someone step on the brake.

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Q: How do you keep 1987 Nissan pickup V-6 auto transmission engine from turning over when trying to remove driveshaft nut behind pullys and does it loosen counter clockwise?
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How do you remove the radiator plug in a 2000 Grand Cherokee?

If it is a plug remove by turning counter-clockwise If it is a petcock - open it by turning clockwise

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It's pressed on or or is threaded clockwise, depending on whether your truck came with the Mitsubishi or Mazda transmission. Try turning it counter-clockwise with a decent amount of force.

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Is there a trick to turning the retaining ring when replaceing the headlight bulb on your 1997 Ford Explorer It just wont budge?

No, just as long as you are turning it counter clockwise when standing behind the headlight.

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On a '98 ford escort zx2 what could be some reasons for accessory belt tensioner not moving when applying backward pressure with a 13 mm wrench?

There is a square hole it the tensioner in which to insert a 1/2 inch breaking bar or socket wrench end to pull on and release the tension. - update - Are you turning the tensioner bolt clockwise? You have to turn it clockwise for it to relieve tension. You turn counter clockwise to remove the tensioner bolt. Turning counter clockwise will not relieve tension.

What makes the speedcable on a 350 Trany leak can this be fixed and how?

remove cable from transmission with turning counter clockwise with pliers next reove bolt. pull gear assembly out replace outer seal and orings reinstall all parts avable at trans shop.

How do you remove a spark plug for a Toro model 71191?

Get a spark plug socket and wrench that fits the plug body and remove it by turning counter-clockwise.

Does crankshaft bolt turn counterclockwise to remove?

counter clockwise. It is almost impossible to remove it with a wrench unless you can keep the engine from turning with it when you try to remove it.

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Why isn't the drive axle on my 93 dodge dynasty not turning?

Are you asking why it isn't turning? Well, there could be a number of reasons. First thing you'd want to see is if the driveshaft turns or not. If it does, but your drive axle doesn't, good chance that your differential is toast.If the driveshaft doesn't turn, it's probably in the transmission.... perhaps a bad torque converter, or perhaps the transmission isn't engaging, which could be a vacuum issue, bad/damaged gears in the transmission, a bad torque converter... you really have to diagnose this a little more in-depth.

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