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Run 45 minutes a day. It will firm up your butt. =P And eat alot of fruit and vegetables.

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โˆ™ 2005-07-07 20:46:54
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Q: How do you keep a firm butt with no cottage cheese?
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How long does cottage cheese last?

Cottage cheese lasts for 6yrs. if you keep it on your counter(must be granite)at 63degrees. You must follow these directions precisly if you want to keep the cheese from rotting. Thank you, and have a nice day! Your welcome! Sincerely, The cottage cheese expert, Dr.Maio Chucinsbeurg

How long is cottage cheese good after the expiration date?

Not long. Cottage cheese is low in fat, (like yoghurt), and high in water, so it's keeping qualities are similar as to yoghurt. A solid cheese (like cheddar) is primarily made of fat and very little water, so it is really well preserved and will keep for a week or two beyond it's use by date. Cottage cheese will not.

President ate cottage cheese and ketchup at the white house?

Richard Nixon, every day for luck to keep his weight under control.

How do you keep your butt big and get it firm and lose weight in your hamstrings and make them smaller at the same time?

you cant, your hamstrings run into your butt. You have to be born with the right genes, or a Swiss bank account. (plastic surgery)

How do you narrow rear ends?

If you want to slim and/or firm up your butt i would suggest do a lot of squats. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees to a 90 degree angle. Lower your butt to knee level. Trust me it firms your butt keep at it.

Why do you have to keep cheese cold?

If you keep your cheese warm it will melt but if you keep it cold it won't melt. That is why your mom keeps the cheese in the refrigerater. ^_^

What is red wax cheese called?

This is probably Edam. Edam cheese is covered in red wax for export to keep it fresh. In its native country of The Netherlands (Holland) it is never waxed but sold as it is - with a pale yellow rind.Edam is a small village in the Netherlands, and still produces large quantities of the mild cheese locally.or...Hoop Cheesemade from cottage cheese (with no salt and cream) and then pressed until dry and firm; also referred to as old-fashioned red rind cheese and country cheese cheese is a firm, dry cottage cheese, similar to farmer's cheese in that most of the liquid has been pressed out. It is different from farmer's cheese in that farmer's cheese is made with milk, cream and salt, while hoop cheese is made from milk alone. Computing Cheese CutterHoop cheese is difficult to find commercially in the United States, due to the difficulty of automating the manufacturing process. It was once so popular, however, that a device called a hoop cheese cutter was manufactured and used in general stores during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This object resembled a turntable with a knife blade suspended above it. It was built by scale companies of the period to cut the exact amount of cheese the customer wanted.Hoop Cheese can be found at many small restaurants and independent gas stations and grocers throughout the south.

How long can you keep cheese in the refrigerator before it spoils?

If you are talking firm cheese (not spread), you can safely eat the cheese almost forever, or until it dries out, if you keep it refrigerated. The refrigerator will keep it dry and the only thing to watch for is a little green mold. Just cut it away along with any dry crust that has formed on the outside. The only thing that suffers is the quality. A little tip: once the cheese has been opened put it in a sealable container; a Ziploc baggy will work.

How long can you keep vacuumed sealed natural cheese?

If its frumunda cheese you can keep it sealed for about 5-6 months Definition of Frumunda Cheese: Cheese From unda your ballsack

The responsibility of a mom?

keep you kids happy but be firm with your answers but not too firm

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up their butt

How do you grow a bigger butt?

Keep eating.

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