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How do you keep a guy happy?


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You keep a guy happy by doing what pleases him. Avoid quarrels


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litter litter everywhere, can anyone help this guy to keep clan, can anyone help this guy to keep green, let be the one to help this guy, make this guy happy, not only one millions of guys will be happy, can we be that person, to make this guy happy

Consider yourself a lucky guy and try to keep her that way!

A Guy with beautiful nature and that guy who will never leave you alone in any circumstance. Always go with that guy who will keep you happy and safe :)

You can keep his/her family happy, by fulfilling their & your dreams. If u r happy then your family will be happy.

If it keeps happening over & over again, the guys aren't the problem, you are. If you like a guy & he doesn't like you, smile, keep your head up, & move on. You should be happy & there are guys out there who can & will make you happy.

When a guy says that he would bend over backward for a girl he fancies, it means that he would do anything to keep her happy.

You have to be happy with yourself first. A great guy will add to your happiness!

you have to buy things in any store to keep you monster happy

LOL you can try and get a guy to agree to this, but be forewarned: he will do so in name only. If he has the chance he will do it, if you don't have the guts to marry the guy, or deal with him meeting someone else then just be happy for him when he does.

Keep giving it potions then it will be very happy.

Sing happy and you know it to it

It means either happy or when a guy is attracted to another guy

No you do not have to leave your religion after marrying a guy, you can keep your religion and he can keep his.

One way to keep a woman happy is to treat her well and tell her you love her often.

do what makes YOU happy !

this means that he still likes you but his happy you found someone new even though its hurting him in the inside

to keep it happy and exciting

You get buneary happy the same way you get any other Pokemon happy. You give it a soothe bell, keep it in your party, grow it levels, and keep it from fainting.

to sure that this guy won't be sad because she have a crush on him....

the best way you can keep your guy is to keep him n love with you..not wanting that other girl!!jus keep him satisfied-alysia Johnson ;0

You are likely to feel a bit wierd and nervous and that is not a problem but just keep thinking that you're with your favourite girl and you are happy and (make sure that she is happy) and things should be fine.

I think to keep your significant other happy is to show u care and be there for oneanother. -PrettyNice

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