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== == * A very low percentage of long distance relationships work out and that includes by email or even phoning each other. Humans need to be in physical contact once in awhile. How on earth can a person tell what another is thinking if they can't see their facial expressions or body language. We all long to be held, feel the warmth and caring of that person and you just don't get that over the email. You didn't say how old you were, but if you really love this person, then work, save for that trip to Italy. Instead of getting birthday or Christmas gifts ask relatives or friends to give you the money they would spend on the gift instead. Sock away that money and you could be in Italy next year. If you call this person in Italy perhaps they can come out to visit you. If she is a young woman and has a close family (most Italians are) and she is under 21 it's not likely she will be able to come out because the family wouldn't let her. There are very strict customs in Italy, so read up on them via the internet. Go to type in "The culture of the Italian Family" Young men are highly revered in the old Italian families and are always groomed for better things in their futures. Young woman are often hovered over and protected by not only the females in the family, but the males in her family. It would be wise to study their customs and abide by them should you get a chance to ever visit her (if it's a female). I would suggest you get away from the computer and start dating for real. Find someone that lives closer. Long distance relationships are difficult at best and certainly hard on a relationship.

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Q: How do you keep a long-distance relationship when it is only by email and what are the chances of meeting them in person if they live in Italy and you live in Canada?
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